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Reverse search of telephone numbers is useful for people who need to know who called them without having to dial the actual number. There are many circumstances that require the person to keep his / her privacy while getting informed about the individual or the organization that was calling. You can reveal the caller's identify by looking up the telephone number in the directory. The information such as the Northwest Territories reverse lookup is extracted directly from dynamic archives and several major directories. Methods such as GPS tracking and Cell Phone tower wide area search are not available through this search. The 867 phone numbers search is available for all of the Area codes which are displayed below. There are certain information that is not available through public records, such as the "first and last names of an individual to whom the telephone numbers belongs, Northwest Territories". This information requires resources of various servers in order to extract it and make it available upon request. There might be a minimal fee charged depending on the information that is requested.

Area Code 867 Information

Area Code: 867
State: Northwest Territories
Cities: Trout Lake, Iqaluit, Resolute, Sanikiluaq, Whitehorse, Gjoa Haven, Lunenburg, Edzo, Teslin, Rae, Fort Resolution, Holman, Tagish, Nanisivik, Artic Bay, Yellowknife, Repulse Bay, Pangnirtung, Watson Lake, Pelly Crossing, Tangier, Wha Ti, Paulatuk, Wrigley, Norman Wells, Tusket, Deline, Fort Mcpherson, Nahannibte, Haines Junction, Rankin Inlet, Marshall, Inuvik, Sachs Harbour, Fort Simpson, Fort Providence, Colville Lake, Wekweti, Kuujjuaq, Fort Liard, Baker Lake, Jean Marie River, Carcross, Kakisa Lake, Deschaillons, Swift River, Arviat, Beaver Creek, Carmacks, Fort Smith, Hay River, Koala, Whale Cove, Cape Broyle, Chesterfield Inlet, Pond Inlet, Clyde River, Coral Harbour, Qikiqtani, Hall Beach, Igloolik, Kimberley, Tsiigehtch, Old Crow, Ross River, Tuktoyaktuk, Aklavik, Grisefiord, Cambridge Bay, Enterprise, Dawson City, Faro, Elsa, Mayo, Rae Lakes

Exchanges in Area Code 867

Exchange County City Carrier
867-206-xxxx Trout Lake Northwestel
867-222-xxxx Iqaluit Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-252-xxxx Resolute Northwestel
867-266-xxxx Sanikiluaq Northwestel
867-332-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-333-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-334-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-335-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-360-xxxx Gjoa Haven Northwestel
867-370-xxxx Lunenburg Northwestel
867-371-xxxx Edzo Northwestel
867-390-xxxx Teslin Northwestel
867-392-xxxx Rae Northwestel
867-393-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel
867-394-xxxx Fort Resolution Northwestel
867-396-xxxx Holman Northwestel
867-399-xxxx Tagish Northwestel
867-436-xxxx Nanisivik Northwestel
867-439-xxxx Artic Bay Northwestel
867-444-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-445-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-446-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel Mobility Inc.
867-455-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel
867-456-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel
867-462-xxxx Repulse Bay Northwestel
867-473-xxxx Pangnirtung Northwestel
867-536-xxxx Watson Lake Northwestel
867-537-xxxx Pelly Crossing Northwestel
867-561-xxxx Tangier Northwestel
867-573-xxxx Wha Ti Northwestel
867-580-xxxx Paulatuk Northwestel
867-581-xxxx Wrigley Northwestel
867-587-xxxx Norman Wells Northwestel
867-588-xxxx Tusket Northwestel
867-589-xxxx Deline Northwestel
867-598-xxxx Fort Mcpherson Northwestel
867-602-xxxx Nahannibte Northwestel
867-633-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel
867-634-xxxx Haines Junction Northwestel
867-645-xxxx Rankin Inlet Northwestel
867-660-xxxx Marshall Northwestel
867-667-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel
867-668-xxxx Whitehorse Northwestel
867-669-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel
867-678-xxxx Inuvik Northwestel
867-690-xxxx Sachs Harbour Northwestel
867-695-xxxx Fort Simpson Northwestel
867-699-xxxx Fort Providence Northwestel
867-709-xxxx Colville Lake Northwestel
867-713-xxxx Wekweti Northwestel
867-765-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel
867-766-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel
867-767-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel
867-769-xxxx Kuujjuaq Northwestel
867-770-xxxx Fort Liard Northwestel
867-777-xxxx Inuvik Northwestel
867-793-xxxx Baker Lake Northwestel
867-809-xxxx Jean Marie River Northwestel
867-821-xxxx Carcross Northwestel
867-825-xxxx Kakisa Lake Northwestel
867-841-xxxx Deschaillons Northwestel
867-851-xxxx Swift River Northwestel
867-857-xxxx Arviat Northwestel
867-862-xxxx Beaver Creek Northwestel
867-863-xxxx Carmacks Northwestel
867-870-xxxx Fort Smith Northwestel
867-872-xxxx Fort Smith Northwestel
867-873-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel
867-874-xxxx Hay River Northwestel
867-875-xxxx Hay River Northwestel
867-880-xxxx Koala Northwestel
867-896-xxxx Whale Cove Northwestel
867-897-xxxx Cape Broyle Northwestel
867-898-xxxx Chesterfield Inlet Northwestel
867-899-xxxx Pond Inlet Northwestel
867-920-xxxx Yellowknife Northwestel
867-924-xxxx Clyde River Northwestel
867-925-xxxx Coral Harbour Northwestel
867-927-xxxx Qikiqtani Northwestel
867-928-xxxx Hall Beach Northwestel
867-934-xxxx Igloolik Northwestel
867-939-xxxx Kimberley Northwestel
867-952-xxxx Fort Mcpherson Northwestel
867-953-xxxx Tsiigehtch Northwestel
867-966-xxxx Old Crow Northwestel
867-969-xxxx Ross River Northwestel
867-975-xxxx Iqaluit Northwestel
867-977-xxxx Tuktoyaktuk Northwestel
867-978-xxxx Aklavik Northwestel
867-979-xxxx Iqaluit Northwestel
867-980-xxxx Grisefiord Northwestel
867-982-xxxx Kuujjuaq Northwestel
867-983-xxxx Cambridge Bay Northwestel
867-984-xxxx Enterprise Northwestel
867-993-xxxx Dawson City Northwestel
867-994-xxxx Faro Northwestel
867-995-xxxx Elsa Northwestel
867-996-xxxx Mayo Northwestel
867-997-xxxx Rae Lakes Northwestel

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