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Reverse search of telephone numbers is useful for people who need to know who called them without having to dial the actual number. There are many circumstances that require the person to keep his / her privacy while getting informed about the individual or the organization that was calling. You can reveal the caller's identify by looking up the telephone number in the directory. The information such as the Alberta reverse lookup is extracted directly from dynamic archives and several major directories. Methods such as GPS tracking and Cell Phone tower wide area search are not available through this search. The 780 phone numbers search is available for all of the Area codes which are displayed below. There are certain information that is not available through public records, such as the "first and last names of an individual to whom the telephone numbers belongs, Alberta". This information requires resources of various servers in order to extract it and make it available upon request. There might be a minimal fee charged depending on the information that is requested.

Area Code 780 Information

Area Code: 780
State: Alberta
Cities: Bonnyville, Drayton Valley, Edmonton, Whitecourt, Lloydminster, Westlock, Vegreville, Czar, Saint Paul, Boyle, Grande Prairie, High Level, Fairview, Hardisty, Warburg, Viking, Valleyview, Swan Hills, Smoky Lake, Vermilion, Slave Lake, Wainwright, Sangudo, Provost, Peace River, Lac La Biche, Fox Creek, Falher, Edson, Camrose, Barrhead, High Prairie, Wetaskiwin, Rainbow Lake, Jasper, Wabasca, Grande Cache, Assumption, Nampa, Girouxville, Mclennan, Wildwood, Manning, Calling Lake, Grimshaw, Anzac, Berwyn, Tomahawk, Clyde, Silver Valley, Bonanza, Beaver Lodge, Faust, Hythe, Waskatenau, Eaglesham, Chipman, Andrew, Myrnam, Willingdon, Widewater, Bashaw, Bawlf, Daysland, Rosalind, Strome, Fort Mcmurray, Warspite, Sedgewick, Killam, Lougheed, Millet, Alder Flats, Mulhurst, Marlboro, Thorhild, Sherwood Park, Saint Albert, Hines Creek, Spirit River, Grassland, Red Earth, Meander River, Conklin, Clairmont, Sexsmith, Newbrook, Forestburg, Galahad, Fort Assiniboine, Hobbema, Ma Me O Beach, Innisfree, Minburn, Grand Centre, Bear Canyon, Whitelaw, Brownvale, Little Buffalo Lake, Glendon, Vilna, Cold Lake, Blue Ridge, Two Hills, Lavoy, Fox Lake, Tofield, Ryley, Athabasca, Flatbush, Winfield, Zama, Worsley, Holden, Cadomin, Peers, Wanham, Breton, Fort Chipewyan, Rochester, Elk Point, Ashmont, Evansburg, Keephills, Radway, Hinton, Derwent, Islay, Paradise Valley, Grouard, Irma, Edgerton, Jean D Or Prairie, Mannville, Mundare, Rycroft, Wembley, Gift Lake, Hairy Hill, Wandering River, Woking, Kinuso, Joussard, Mayerthorpe, Thorsby, Robb, Niton Junction, Bruderheim, Seba Beach, Plamondon, Fort Mackay, Smith, Kitscoty, Marwayne, New Norway, Hughenden, Chauvin, Jasper East, Peerless Lake, Ferintosh, Hay Lakes, Alliance, Heisler, Edmonton Int. Airport, Wabamun, Lodgepole, Lamont, Saint Michael, Chipewyan Lake, Bon Accord, Ardrossan, Gibbons, Alberta Beach, Donnelly, Fort Vermilion, La Crete, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Morinville, New Sarepta, Redwater, Heinsburg, Spruce Grove, Jarvie, Nisku, Debolt, Legal, Stony Plain, Onoway, Dixonville, Namao, Leduc, Keg River, Calmar, Devon

Exchanges in Area Code 780

Exchange County City Carrier
780-201-xxxx Bonnyville Telus Mobility
780-202-xxxx Drayton Valley Telus Mobility
780-203-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-204-xxxx Whitecourt Telus Mobility
780-205-xxxx Lloydminster Telus Mobility
780-206-xxxx Westlock Telus Mobility
780-207-xxxx Bonnyville Telus Mobility
780-208-xxxx Vegreville Telus Mobility
780-209-xxxx Czar Telus Mobility
780-210-xxxx Saint Paul Telus Mobility
780-212-xxxx Boyle Telus Mobility
780-213-xxxx Boyle Telus
780-214-xxxx Lloydminster Telus Mobility
780-217-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-218-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-220-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-221-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-222-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-228-xxxx Grande Prairie Bell Mobility
780-229-xxxx Edmonton Allstream Corp.
780-231-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-232-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-233-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-235-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-237-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-238-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-239-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-240-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-241-xxxx Drayton Valley Rogers Wireless
780-242-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-247-xxxx High Level Rogers Wireless
780-248-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-251-xxxx Fairview Rogers Wireless
780-252-xxxx Hardisty Rogers Wireless
780-253-xxxx Warburg Rogers Wireless
780-254-xxxx Viking Rogers Wireless
780-255-xxxx Valleyview Rogers Wireless
780-256-xxxx Swan Hills Rogers Wireless
780-258-xxxx Smoky Lake Rogers Wireless
780-259-xxxx Vermilion Rogers Wireless
780-260-xxxx Slave Lake Rogers Wireless
780-261-xxxx Wainwright Rogers Wireless
780-262-xxxx Whitecourt Rogers Wireless
780-264-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-265-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-266-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-267-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-268-xxxx Whitecourt Telus Mobility
780-269-xxxx Sangudo Rogers Wireless
780-270-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-271-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-272-xxxx Provost Rogers Wireless
780-274-xxxx Peace River Rogers Wireless
780-275-xxxx Vegreville Rogers Wireless
780-276-xxxx Lac La Biche Rogers Wireless
780-277-xxxx Fox Creek Rogers Wireless
780-278-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-279-xxxx Falher Rogers Wireless
780-280-xxxx Edson Rogers Wireless
780-281-xxxx Camrose Rogers Wireless
780-282-xxxx Barrhead Rogers Wireless
780-283-xxxx Westlock Rogers Wireless
780-285-xxxx High Level Bell Mobility
780-288-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-289-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-290-xxxx Saint Paul Rogers Wireless
780-291-xxxx High Prairie Rogers Wireless
780-297-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-298-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-299-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-302-xxxx Falher Telus
780-305-xxxx Barrhead Telus
780-307-xxxx Westlock Telus
780-309-xxxx Swan Hills Telus
780-312-xxxx Wetaskiwin Telus
780-313-xxxx Rainbow Lake Bell Mobility
780-316-xxxx High Prairie Bell Mobility
780-317-xxxx Jasper Bell Mobility
780-319-xxxx Wabasca Bell Mobility
780-320-xxxx Grande Cache Bell Mobility
780-321-xxxx Assumption Telus
780-322-xxxx Nampa Telus
780-323-xxxx Girouxville Telus
780-324-xxxx Mclennan Telus
780-325-xxxx Wildwood Telus
780-328-xxxx Edmonton Globility
780-329-xxxx Manning Bell Mobility
780-330-xxxx Fairview Bell Mobility
780-331-xxxx Calling Lake Telus
780-332-xxxx Grimshaw Telus
780-333-xxxx Swan Hills Telus
780-334-xxxx Anzac Telus
780-336-xxxx Viking Telus
780-338-xxxx Berwyn Telus
780-339-xxxx Tomahawk Telus
780-348-xxxx Clyde Telus
780-349-xxxx Westlock Telus
780-350-xxxx Westlock Telus
780-351-xxxx Silver Valley Telus
780-352-xxxx Wetaskiwin Telus
780-353-xxxx Bonanza Telus
780-354-xxxx Beaver Lodge Telus
780-355-xxxx Faust Telus
780-356-xxxx Hythe Telus
780-357-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-358-xxxx Waskatenau Telus
780-359-xxxx Eaglesham Telus
780-360-xxxx Wetaskiwin Telus
780-361-xxxx Wetaskiwin Telus
780-362-xxxx Wetaskiwin Rogers Wireless
780-363-xxxx Chipman Telus
780-364-xxxx Wetaskiwin Fido Solutions Inc.
780-365-xxxx Andrew Telus
780-366-xxxx Myrnam Telus
780-367-xxxx Willingdon Telus
780-369-xxxx Widewater Telus
780-372-xxxx Bashaw Telus
780-373-xxxx Bawlf Telus
780-374-xxxx Daysland Telus
780-375-xxxx Rosalind Telus
780-376-xxxx Strome Telus
780-377-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-378-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-380-xxxx Grande Prairie Bell Mobility
780-381-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Bell Mobility
780-383-xxxx Warspite Telus
780-384-xxxx Sedgewick Telus
780-385-xxxx Killam Telus
780-386-xxxx Lougheed Telus
780-387-xxxx Millet Telus
780-388-xxxx Alder Flats Telus
780-389-xxxx Mulhurst Telus
780-390-xxxx Killam Telus
780-393-xxxx Millet Telus
780-396-xxxx Whitecourt Telus
780-397-xxxx Marlboro Telus
780-398-xxxx Thorhild Telus
780-401-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-402-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-404-xxxx Lac La Biche Telus
780-405-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-406-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-407-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-408-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-409-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-410-xxxx Sherwood Park Telus
780-412-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-413-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-414-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-415-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-416-xxxx Sherwood Park Telus
780-417-xxxx Sherwood Park Telus
780-418-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-419-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-420-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-421-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-422-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-423-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-424-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-425-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-426-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-427-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-428-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-429-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-430-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-431-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-432-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-433-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-434-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-435-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-436-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-437-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-438-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-439-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-440-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-441-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-442-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-443-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-444-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-445-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-446-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-447-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-448-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-449-xxxx Sherwood Park Telus
780-450-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-451-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-452-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-453-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-454-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-455-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-456-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-457-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-458-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-459-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-460-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-461-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-462-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-463-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-464-xxxx Sherwood Park Telus
780-465-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-466-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-467-xxxx Sherwood Park Telus
780-468-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-469-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-470-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-471-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-472-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-473-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-474-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-475-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-476-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-477-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-478-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-479-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-480-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-481-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-482-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-483-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-484-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-485-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-486-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-487-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-488-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-489-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-490-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-491-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-492-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-493-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-494-xxxx Hines Creek Telus
780-495-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-496-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-497-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-498-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-499-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-503-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-504-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-505-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-506-xxxx Spirit River Telus
780-512-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-513-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-514-xxxx Drayton Valley Telus
780-515-xxxx Drayton Valley Telus
780-518-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus Mobility
780-522-xxxx Lloydminster Bell Mobility
780-523-xxxx High Prairie Telus
780-524-xxxx Valleyview Telus
780-525-xxxx Grassland Telus
780-526-xxxx Falher Bell Mobility
780-527-xxxx Peace River Bell Mobility
780-528-xxxx Red Earth Bell Mobility
780-529-xxxx Slave Lake Bell Mobility
780-532-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-535-xxxx Meander River Telus
780-536-xxxx High Prairie Telus
780-538-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-539-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-542-xxxx Drayton Valley Telus
780-552-xxxx Valleyview Telus
780-554-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-559-xxxx Conklin Telus
780-560-xxxx Rainbow Lake Telus
780-567-xxxx Clairmont Telus
780-568-xxxx Sexsmith Telus
780-573-xxxx Bonnyville Telus
780-576-xxxx Newbrook Telus
780-577-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-581-xxxx Vermilion Telus
780-582-xxxx Forestburg Telus
780-583-xxxx Galahad Telus
780-584-xxxx Fort Assiniboine Telus
780-585-xxxx Hobbema Telus
780-586-xxxx Ma Me O Beach Telus
780-588-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-592-xxxx Innisfree Telus
780-593-xxxx Minburn Telus
780-594-xxxx Grand Centre Telus
780-595-xxxx Bear Canyon Telus
780-596-xxxx Whitelaw Telus
780-597-xxxx Brownvale Telus
780-598-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus Mobility
780-603-xxxx Vegreville Telus
780-604-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-608-xxxx Camrose Telus
780-614-xxxx Saint Paul Telus
780-617-xxxx Peace River Telus
780-618-xxxx Peace River Telus
780-619-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-620-xxxx Fox Creek Telus
780-621-xxxx Drayton Valley Telus
780-622-xxxx Fox Creek Telus
780-623-xxxx Lac La Biche Telus
780-624-xxxx Peace River Telus
780-625-xxxx Peace River Telus
780-626-xxxx Manning Telus Mobility
780-628-xxxx Edmonton Gt Group Telecom Services Corp
780-629-xxxx Little Buffalo Lake Telus
780-630-xxxx Sherwood Park Bell West Inc.
780-632-xxxx Vegreville Telus
780-633-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-634-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-635-xxxx Glendon Telus
780-636-xxxx Vilna Telus
780-637-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-638-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-639-xxxx Cold Lake Telus
780-640-xxxx Sherwood Park Bell West Inc.
780-641-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-642-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-643-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-644-xxxx Edmonton Bell West Inc.
780-645-xxxx Saint Paul Telus
780-646-xxxx Saint Paul Telus
780-647-xxxx Red Earth Telus
780-648-xxxx Blue Ridge Telus
780-649-xxxx Red Earth Telus
780-650-xxxx Smoky Lake Telus Mobility
780-651-xxxx Saint Albert Bell West Inc.
780-656-xxxx Smoky Lake Telus
780-657-xxxx Two Hills Telus
780-658-xxxx Lavoy Telus
780-659-xxxx Fox Lake Telus
780-660-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-662-xxxx Tofield Telus
780-663-xxxx Ryley Telus
780-664-xxxx Edmonton Call-net Communications
780-665-xxxx Edmonton Call-net Communications
780-668-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-669-xxxx Edmonton Gt Group Telecom Services Corp
780-671-xxxx Saint Albert Telus
780-672-xxxx Camrose Telus
780-674-xxxx Barrhead Telus
780-675-xxxx Athabasca Telus
780-676-xxxx Athabasca Rogers Wireless
780-678-xxxx Camrose Telus
780-679-xxxx Camrose Telus
780-681-xxxx Flatbush Telus
780-682-xxxx Winfield Telus
780-683-xxxx Zama Telus
780-685-xxxx Worsley Telus
780-686-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-688-xxxx Holden Telus
780-689-xxxx Boyle Telus
780-690-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-692-xxxx Cadomin Telus
780-693-xxxx Peers Telus
780-694-xxxx Wanham Telus
780-695-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-696-xxxx Breton Telus
780-697-xxxx Fort Chipewyan Telus
780-698-xxxx Rochester Telus
780-699-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-701-xxxx Edmonton Allstream Corp.
780-702-xxxx Edmonton Allstream Corp.
780-704-xxxx Provost Telus
780-706-xxxx Whitecourt Telus
780-707-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-708-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-709-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-710-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-712-xxxx Edson Telus
780-713-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-714-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-715-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-716-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-717-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-718-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-719-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-720-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-721-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-722-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-723-xxxx Edson Telus
780-724-xxxx Elk Point Telus
780-725-xxxx Edson Telus
780-726-xxxx Ashmont Telus
780-727-xxxx Evansburg Telus
780-728-xxxx Edson Telus
780-731-xxxx Keephills Telus
780-732-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-735-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-736-xxxx Radway Telus
780-740-xxxx Hinton Telus
780-741-xxxx Derwent Telus
780-742-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-743-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-744-xxxx Islay Telus
780-745-xxxx Paradise Valley Telus
780-747-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Bell West Inc.
780-748-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Bell West Inc.
780-751-xxxx Grouard Telus
780-753-xxxx Provost Telus
780-754-xxxx Irma Telus
780-755-xxxx Edgerton Telus
780-757-xxxx Edmonton Shaw Telecom Inc
780-759-xxxx Jean D Or Prairie Telus
780-763-xxxx Mannville Telus
780-764-xxxx Mundare Telus
780-765-xxxx Rycroft Telus
780-766-xxxx Wembley Telus
780-767-xxxx Gift Lake Telus
780-768-xxxx Hairy Hill Telus
780-771-xxxx Wandering River Telus
780-772-xxxx Fairview Telus Mobility
780-773-xxxx Wabasca Telus Mobility
780-774-xxxx Woking Telus
780-775-xxxx Kinuso Telus
780-776-xxxx Joussard Telus
780-777-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-778-xxxx Whitecourt Telus
780-779-xxxx Whitecourt Telus
780-781-xxxx Camrose Telus Mobility
780-783-xxxx Grande Cache Telus
780-785-xxxx Sangudo Telus
780-786-xxxx Mayerthorpe Telus
780-787-xxxx Vermilion Telus Mobility
780-788-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-789-xxxx Thorsby Telus
780-790-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-791-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-792-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-794-xxxx Robb Telus
780-795-xxxx Niton Junction Telus
780-796-xxxx Bruderheim Telus
780-797-xxxx Seba Beach Telus
780-798-xxxx Plamondon Telus
780-799-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus
780-805-xxxx Slave Lake Telus
780-806-xxxx Wainwright Telus
780-808-xxxx Lloydminster Telus
780-812-xxxx Bonnyville Telus
780-813-xxxx Bonnyville Rogers Wireless
780-814-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-815-xxxx Bonnyville Telus
780-816-xxxx Hinton Rogers Wireless
780-817-xxxx Hinton Telus
780-818-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-819-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-820-xxxx Jasper Telus
780-821-xxxx High Level Telus
780-822-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-824-xxxx Fort Mackay Telus
780-826-xxxx Bonnyville Telus
780-827-xxxx Grande Cache Telus
780-828-xxxx Fort Mackay Telus
780-829-xxxx Smith Telus
780-830-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-831-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-832-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-833-xxxx Grande Prairie Bell West Inc.
780-834-xxxx Fairview Telus
780-835-xxxx Fairview Telus
780-836-xxxx Manning Telus
780-837-xxxx Falher Telus
780-838-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Bell Mobility
780-840-xxxx Grand Centre Telus
780-841-xxxx High Level Telus
780-842-xxxx Wainwright Telus
780-843-xxxx Slave Lake Telus
780-845-xxxx Wainwright Telus
780-846-xxxx Kitscoty Telus
780-847-xxxx Marwayne Telus
780-848-xxxx Warburg Telus
780-849-xxxx Slave Lake Telus
780-852-xxxx Jasper Telus
780-853-xxxx Vermilion Telus
780-854-xxxx Vermilion Telus
780-855-xxxx New Norway Telus
780-856-xxxx Hughenden Telus
780-857-xxxx Czar Telus
780-858-xxxx Chauvin Telus
780-861-xxxx Lloydminster Rogers Wireless
780-864-xxxx Spirit River Telus
780-865-xxxx Hinton Telus
780-866-xxxx Jasper East Telus
780-868-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-869-xxxx Peerless Lake Telus
780-870-xxxx Lloydminster Telus
780-871-xxxx Lloydminster Telus
780-872-xxxx Lloydminster Telus
780-875-xxxx Lloydminster Telus
780-876-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus Mobility
780-877-xxxx Ferintosh Telus
780-878-xxxx Hay Lakes Telus
780-879-xxxx Alliance Telus
780-880-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Rogers Wireless
780-881-xxxx Fort Mcmurray Telus Mobility
780-882-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus
780-883-xxxx Jasper Rogers Wireless
780-885-xxxx Edmonton Fido Solutions Inc.
780-886-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-887-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-888-xxxx Hardisty Telus
780-889-xxxx Heisler Telus
780-890-xxxx Edmonton Int. Airport Telus
780-891-xxxx Wabasca Telus
780-892-xxxx Wabamun Telus
780-893-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-894-xxxx Lodgepole Telus
780-895-xxxx Lamont Telus
780-896-xxxx Saint Michael Telus
780-897-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus Mobility
780-898-xxxx Drayton Valley Telus Mobility
780-899-xxxx Chipewyan Lake Telus
780-901-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-902-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-903-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-904-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-905-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-906-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-907-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-908-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-909-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-910-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-913-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-914-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-915-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-916-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-917-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-918-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-919-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-920-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-921-xxxx Bon Accord Telus
780-922-xxxx Ardrossan Telus
780-923-xxxx Gibbons Telus
780-924-xxxx Alberta Beach Telus
780-925-xxxx Donnelly Telus
780-926-xxxx High Level Telus
780-927-xxxx Fort Vermilion Telus
780-928-xxxx La Crete Telus
780-929-xxxx Beaumont Telus
780-930-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-931-xxxx Jasper Telus Mobility
780-932-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-933-xxxx Grande Prairie Telus Mobility
780-934-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-935-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-936-xxxx Fort Saskatchewan Bell West Inc.
780-937-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-938-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-939-xxxx Morinville Telus
780-940-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-941-xxxx New Sarepta Telus
780-942-xxxx Redwater Telus
780-943-xxxx Heinsburg Telus
780-944-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-945-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-946-xxxx Spruce Grove Bell West Inc.
780-948-xxxx Spruce Grove Telus
780-951-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-952-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-953-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-954-xxxx Jarvie Telus
780-955-xxxx Nisku Telus
780-956-xxxx Rainbow Lake Telus
780-957-xxxx Debolt Telus
780-960-xxxx Spruce Grove Telus
780-961-xxxx Legal Telus
780-962-xxxx Spruce Grove Telus
780-963-xxxx Stony Plain Telus
780-964-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-965-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-966-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-967-xxxx Onoway Telus
780-968-xxxx Stony Plain Telus
780-969-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-970-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-971-xxxx Dixonville Telus
780-973-xxxx Namao Telus
780-974-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-975-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-977-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-978-xxxx Grande Prairie Rogers Wireless
780-979-xxxx Nisku Telus
780-980-xxxx Leduc Telus
780-981-xxxx Keg River Telus
780-982-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-983-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-984-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-985-xxxx Calmar Telus
780-986-xxxx Leduc Telus
780-987-xxxx Devon Telus
780-988-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-989-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-990-xxxx Edmonton Telus
780-991-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-992-xxxx Fort Saskatchewan Telus
780-993-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-994-xxxx Edmonton Rogers Wireless
780-995-xxxx Edmonton Bell Mobility
780-996-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility
780-997-xxxx Fort Saskatchewan Telus
780-998-xxxx Fort Saskatchewan Telus
780-999-xxxx Edmonton Telus Mobility

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