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Reverse search of telephone numbers is useful for people who need to know who called them without having to dial the actual number. There are many circumstances that require the person to keep his / her privacy while getting informed about the individual or the organization that was calling. You can reveal the caller's identify by looking up the telephone number in the directory. The information such as the Ontario reverse lookup is extracted directly from dynamic archives and several major directories. Methods such as GPS tracking and Cell Phone tower wide area search are not available through this search. The 705 phone numbers search is available for all of the Area codes which are displayed below. There are certain information that is not available through public records, such as the "first and last names of an individual to whom the telephone numbers belongs, Ontario". This information requires resources of various servers in order to extract it and make it available upon request. There might be a minimal fee charged depending on the information that is requested.

Area Code 705 Information

Area Code: 705
State: Ontario
Cities: Mattawa, Peterborough, Campbellford, Parry Sound, Bracebridge, Sault St Marie, Sudbury, Algoma Mills, Midland, North Bay, Huntsville, Udora, Iroquois Falls Nt, Sultan, Missanabie, South Porcupine, Ramore, Temagami, Orillia, Biscotasing, Barrie, Saint Joseph Island, Christna Lake, Echo Bay, Alliston, Sault Ste Marie, Iroquois Falls Ap, Elliot Lake, Timmins, Westree, Cochrane, Matheson, Kashechewan, Bethany, Fort Albany, Gore Bay, Silverwater, Whitefish Falls, Minden, Killarney, Lefroy, Cookstown, Bridgenorth, Collingwood, Stroud, Keene, Ramsay, Lindsay, Smooth Rock Falls, Elmvale, Kapuskasing, Abitibi Canyon, Moosonee, Fauquier, Nobel, Wasaga Beach, Blind River, Sunderland, Cameron, Bluewater, Hearst, Connaught, Mattice, Kamiskotia, Port Au Barl, Moonbeam, Little Current, Opasatika, Cambray, Mactier, Mindemoya, Otter Lake, Burks Falls, Britt, Sundridge, Port Sydney, South River, Magnetawan, Mckellar, Bobcaygeon, Coniston, Capreol, Opishng Lake, Borden Angus, Beaverton, Stayner, Cannington, Pefferlaw, Kirkfield, Woodville, Gooderham, Wilberforce, Coboconk, Haliburton, Calstock, Creemore, Peawanuck, Espanola, Brechin, Oro, Kinmount, Carnarvon, Lafontaine, Port Mcnicoll, Waubaushene, Englehart, Whitefish, Blezard Valley, Penetanguishene, Garson, Hanmer, Chelmsford, Azilda, Levack, Lively, Earlton, Matachewan, Kirkland Lake, Verner, Gowganda, Algonquin Park, Virginiatown, Dwight, Emsdale, Larder Lake, Norwood, Swastika, New Liskeard, Goulais, Lakefield, Burleigh Falls, Apsley, Buckhorn, Moose Factory, Red Bridge, Moonstone, Haileybury, Latchford, Elk Lake, Cobalt, Gravenhurst, Sprucedale, Coldwater, Severn Bridge, Estaire, Hastings, Trout Creek, Powassan, Restoule, Rosseau, Ophir, Deux River, Callander, Sturgeon Falls, West Guilford, Honey Harbour, Port Loring, Field, Bala, Dokis, Milford Bay, Port Carling, Dorset, Baysville, Windermere, Bonfield, Havelock, Searchmont, Desbarats, Bruce Mines, Little Britain, Dunsford, Omemee, Sebright, Chub Lake, Thessalon, Iron Bridge, Spanish, Wawa, Markstay, Alban, Manitowaning, Chapleau, Pineal Lake, Massey, Saint Charles, Nephton, Batchawana Bay, Oba, Dubreuilville, Fenelon Falls, Hawk Junction, Marten River, Gogama, Noelville, Foleyet, Warkworth, Millbrook, Bailieboro, Cavan, Oakwood, Cartier, Warren, Thorne, Attawapiskat

Exchanges in Area Code 705

Exchange County City Carrier
705-200-xxxx Mattawa Rogers Wireless
705-201-xxxx Peterborough Isp Telecom
705-202-xxxx Campbellford Isp Telecom
705-203-xxxx Parry Sound Telus Mobility
705-204-xxxx Bracebridge Telus Mobility
705-205-xxxx Bracebridge Telus Mobility
705-206-xxxx Sault St Marie Telus Mobility
705-207-xxxx Sudbury Telus Mobility
705-208-xxxx Algoma Mills Telus Mobility
705-209-xxxx Midland Telus Mobility
705-222-xxxx Sudbury Exatel Inc.
705-223-xxxx North Bay Exatel Inc.
705-224-xxxx Huntsville Exatel Inc.
705-227-xxxx Algoma Mills Bell Mobility
705-228-xxxx Udora Bell Canada - On
705-232-xxxx Iroquois Falls Nt Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-233-xxxx Sultan Bell Canada - On
705-234-xxxx Missanabie Bell Canada - On
705-235-xxxx South Porcupine Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-236-xxxx Ramore Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-237-xxxx Temagami O.n. Tel
705-238-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-239-xxxx Biscotasing Bell Canada - On
705-241-xxxx Barrie Rogers Wireless
705-246-xxxx Saint Joseph Island Bell Canada - On
705-247-xxxx Christna Lake Bell Canada - On
705-248-xxxx Echo Bay Bell Canada - On
705-250-xxxx Alliston Rogers Cable Communications In
705-251-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Exatel Inc.
705-252-xxxx Barrie Rogers Cable Communications In
705-253-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-254-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-255-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Rogers Wireless
705-256-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-257-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-258-xxxx Iroquois Falls Ap O.n. Tel
705-259-xxxx Orillia Rogers Cable Communications In
705-261-xxxx Elliot Lake Rogers Wireless
705-262-xxxx Timmins Telus Mobility
705-263-xxxx Westree Bell Canada - On
705-264-xxxx Timmins Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-266-xxxx Timmins Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-267-xxxx Timmins Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-268-xxxx Timmins Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-271-xxxx Cochrane Cochrane Public Utilities Comm
705-272-xxxx Cochrane Cochrane Public Utilities Comm
705-273-xxxx Matheson Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-275-xxxx Kashechewan Bell Canada - On
705-277-xxxx Bethany Bell Canada - On
705-278-xxxx Fort Albany Bell Canada - On
705-282-xxxx Gore Bay Bell Canada - On
705-283-xxxx Silverwater Bell Canada - On
705-285-xxxx Whitefish Falls Bell Canada - On
705-286-xxxx Minden Bell Canada - On
705-287-xxxx Killarney Bell Canada - On
705-288-xxxx Timmins Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-290-xxxx Lefroy Rogers Cable Communications In
705-291-xxxx Cookstown Rogers Cable Communications In
705-292-xxxx Bridgenorth Bell Canada - On
705-293-xxxx Collingwood Rogers Cable Communications In
705-294-xxxx Stroud Rogers Cable Communications In
705-295-xxxx Keene Nexicom Telephones Inc.
705-296-xxxx Bridgenorth Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-299-xxxx Ramsay Bell Canada - On
705-305-xxxx Barrie Telus Mobility
705-308-xxxx Lindsay Telus Mobility
705-309-xxxx Barrie Telus Mobility
705-312-xxxx Peterborough Telus Mobility
705-313-xxxx Peterborough Rogers Wireless
705-314-xxxx Smooth Rock Falls Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-320-xxxx Lindsay Telus Integrated Communication
705-321-xxxx Barrie Telus Mobility
705-322-xxxx Elmvale Bell Canada - On
705-323-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-324-xxxx Lindsay Bell Canada - On
705-325-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-326-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-327-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-328-xxxx Lindsay Bell Canada - On
705-329-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-330-xxxx Orillia Bell Canada - On
705-331-xxxx Barrie Telus Mobility
705-332-xxxx Kapuskasing Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-333-xxxx Barrie Telus Mobility
705-334-xxxx Abitibi Canyon Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-335-xxxx Kapuskasing Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-336-xxxx Moosonee O.n. Tel
705-337-xxxx Kapuskasing Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-338-xxxx Smooth Rock Falls Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-339-xxxx Fauquier Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-340-xxxx Lindsay Bell Canada - On
705-341-xxxx Lindsay Rogers Wireless
705-342-xxxx Nobel Bell Canada - On
705-344-xxxx Lindsay Telus Mobility
705-345-xxxx Orillia Rogers Wireless
705-346-xxxx Parry Sound Rogers Wireless
705-347-xxxx Kapuskasing Telus Mobility
705-348-xxxx Gore Bay Bell Mobility
705-349-xxxx Huntsville Bell Mobility
705-350-xxxx Orillia Fido Solutions Inc.
705-351-xxxx Collingwood Bell Mobility
705-352-xxxx Wasaga Beach Rogers Cable Communications In
705-356-xxxx Blind River Bell Canada - On
705-357-xxxx Sunderland Bell Canada - On
705-358-xxxx North Bay Telus Mobility
705-359-xxxx Cameron Bell Canada - On
705-360-xxxx Timmins Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-361-xxxx Bluewater Bell Canada - On
705-362-xxxx Hearst Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-363-xxxx Connaught Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-364-xxxx Mattice Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-365-xxxx Kamiskotia Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-366-xxxx Port Au Barl Bell Canada - On
705-367-xxxx Moonbeam Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-368-xxxx Little Current Bell Canada - On
705-369-xxxx Opasatika Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-370-xxxx Little Current Exatel Inc.
705-371-xxxx Cochrane Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-372-xxxx Hearst Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-373-xxxx Hearst Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-374-xxxx Cambray Amtelecom Inc.
705-375-xxxx Mactier Bell Canada - On
705-377-xxxx Mindemoya Amtelecom Inc.
705-378-xxxx Otter Lake Bell Canada - On
705-380-xxxx Huntsville Telus Mobility
705-382-xxxx Burks Falls Bell Canada - On
705-383-xxxx Britt Bell Canada - On
705-384-xxxx Sundridge Bell Canada - On
705-385-xxxx Port Sydney Bell Canada - On
705-386-xxxx South River Bell Canada - On
705-387-xxxx Magnetawan Bell Canada - On
705-388-xxxx Huntsville Telus Mobility
705-389-xxxx Mckellar Bell Canada - On
705-391-xxxx Alliston Bell Mobility
705-392-xxxx Bobcaygeon Bell Mobility
705-394-xxxx Bracebridge Bell Mobility
705-395-xxxx Campbellford Bell Mobility
705-396-xxxx Coniston Allstream Corp.
705-397-xxxx Capreol Allstream Corp.
705-399-xxxx Opishng Lake Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-422-xxxx Wasaga Beach Bell Canada - On
705-423-xxxx Borden Angus Bell Canada - On
705-424-xxxx Borden Angus Bell Canada - On
705-426-xxxx Beaverton Bell Canada - On
705-427-xxxx Midland Rogers Wireless
705-428-xxxx Stayner Bell Canada - On
705-429-xxxx Wasaga Beach Bell Canada - On
705-430-xxxx Stayner Telus Mobility
705-431-xxxx Stroud Bell Canada - On
705-432-xxxx Cannington Bell Canada - On
705-434-xxxx Alliston Bell Canada - On
705-435-xxxx Alliston Bell Canada - On
705-436-xxxx Stroud Bell Canada - On
705-437-xxxx Pefferlaw Bell Canada - On
705-438-xxxx Kirkfield Bell Canada - On
705-439-xxxx Woodville Bell Canada - On
705-440-xxxx Alliston Bell Canada - On
705-441-xxxx Collingwood Bell Canada - On
705-442-xxxx Collingwood Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
705-443-xxxx Collingwood Bell Canada - On
705-444-xxxx Collingwood Bell Canada - On
705-445-xxxx Collingwood Bell Canada - On
705-446-xxxx Collingwood Bell Canada - On
705-447-xxxx Gooderham Bell Canada - On
705-448-xxxx Wilberforce Bell Canada - On
705-454-xxxx Coboconk Bell Canada - On
705-455-xxxx Haliburton Bell Canada - On
705-456-xxxx Lefroy Bell Canada - On
705-457-xxxx Haliburton Bell Canada - On
705-458-xxxx Cookstown Bell Canada - On
705-461-xxxx Elliot Lake Bell Canada - On
705-463-xxxx Calstock Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-465-xxxx Timmins Rogers Wireless
705-466-xxxx Creemore Bell Canada - On
705-471-xxxx North Bay Bell Mobility
705-472-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-473-xxxx Peawanuck Bell Canada - On
705-474-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-475-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-476-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-477-xxxx North Bay Bell Mobility
705-478-xxxx North Bay Telus Integrated Communication
705-479-xxxx Sudbury Isp Telecom
705-480-xxxx Espanola Isp Telecom
705-482-xxxx North Bay Gateway Tel
705-484-xxxx Brechin Bell Canada - On
705-487-xxxx Oro Bell Canada - On
705-488-xxxx Kinmount Bell Canada - On
705-489-xxxx Carnarvon Bell Canada - On
705-492-xxxx North Bay Rogers Wireless
705-493-xxxx North Bay Rogers Wireless
705-494-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-495-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-497-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-498-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-499-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-507-xxxx Sudbury Rogers Wireless
705-513-xxxx Pefferlaw Rogers Cable Communications In
705-521-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-522-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-523-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-524-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-525-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-526-xxxx Midland Bell Canada - On
705-527-xxxx Midland Bell Canada - On
705-528-xxxx Midland Bell Canada - On
705-529-xxxx Midland Bell Canada - On
705-533-xxxx Lafontaine Bell Canada - On
705-534-xxxx Port Mcnicoll Bell Canada - On
705-536-xxxx Peterborough Call-net Communications
705-538-xxxx Waubaushene Bell Canada - On
705-541-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-542-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-543-xxxx Midland Bell Canada - On
705-544-xxxx Englehart Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-545-xxxx Englehart Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-546-xxxx Whitefish Allstream Corp.
705-547-xxxx Blezard Valley Allstream Corp.
705-549-xxxx Penetanguishene Bell Canada - On
705-550-xxxx Garson Allstream Corp.
705-551-xxxx Hanmer Allstream Corp.
705-552-xxxx Chelmsford Allstream Corp.
705-553-xxxx Azilda Allstream Corp.
705-554-xxxx Levack Allstream Corp.
705-556-xxxx Lively Allstream Corp.
705-557-xxxx Kapuskasing Rogers Wireless
705-560-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-561-xxxx Sudbury Rogers Wireless
705-562-xxxx Sudbury Rogers Wireless
705-563-xxxx Earlton Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-564-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-565-xxxx Matachewan Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-566-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-567-xxxx Kirkland Lake Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-568-xxxx Kirkland Lake Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-569-xxxx Temagami O.n. Tel
705-570-xxxx Kirkland Lake Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-571-xxxx Huntsville Rogers Wireless
705-585-xxxx Sudbury Allstream Corp.
705-594-xxxx Verner Bell Canada - On
705-606-xxxx Collingwood Telus Mobility
705-607-xxxx Collingwood Telus Mobility
705-623-xxxx Barrie Telus Mobility
705-624-xxxx Gowganda Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-626-xxxx Sudbury Rogers Wireless
705-627-xxxx Barrie Bell Mobility
705-632-xxxx Campbellford Bell Canada - On
705-633-xxxx Algonquin Park Bell Canada - On
705-634-xxxx Virginiatown Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-635-xxxx Dwight Bell Canada - On
705-636-xxxx Emsdale Bell Canada - On
705-638-xxxx Larder Lake Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-639-xxxx Norwood Bell Canada - On
705-640-xxxx Bracebridge Exatel Inc.
705-641-xxxx Bracebridge Bell Canada - On
705-642-xxxx Swastika Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-643-xxxx Larder Lake Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-644-xxxx Bracebridge Bell Canada - On
705-645-xxxx Bracebridge Bell Canada - On
705-646-xxxx Bracebridge Bell Canada - On
705-647-xxxx New Liskeard Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-648-xxxx New Liskeard Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-649-xxxx Goulais Bell Canada - On
705-650-xxxx New Liskeard Northerntel Limited Partnershi
705-651-xxxx Lakefield Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-652-xxxx Lakefield Bell Canada - On
705-653-xxxx Campbellford Bell Canada - On
705-654-xxxx Burleigh Falls Bell Canada - On
705-656-xxxx Apsley Bell Canada - On
705-657-xxxx Buckhorn Bell Canada - On
705-658-xxxx Moose Factory O.n. Tel
705-662-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-663-xxxx Red Bridge Bell Canada - On
705-665-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-666-xxxx Moonstone Bell Canada - On
705-668-xxxx Kirkland Lake Rogers Wireless
705-669-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-670-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-671-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-672-xxxx Haileybury Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-673-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-674-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-675-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-676-xxxx Latchford Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-677-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-678-xxxx Elk Lake Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-679-xxxx Cobalt Northern Telephone Ltd.
705-682-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-684-xxxx Gravenhurst Bell Canada - On
705-685-xxxx Sprucedale Bell Canada - On
705-686-xxxx Coldwater Amtelecom Inc.
705-687-xxxx Gravenhurst Bell Canada - On
705-688-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-689-xxxx Severn Bridge Bell Canada - On
705-690-xxxx Sudbury Bell Mobility
705-691-xxxx Sudbury Bell Canada - On
705-692-xxxx Lively Bell Canada - On
705-693-xxxx Garson Bell Canada - On
705-694-xxxx Coniston Bell Canada - On
705-695-xxxx Estaire Bell Canada - On
705-696-xxxx Hastings Bell Canada - On
705-698-xxxx Sudbury Bell Mobility
705-699-xxxx Garson Bell Canada - On
705-706-xxxx Bracebridge Rogers Wireless
705-715-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-716-xxxx Barrie Rogers Wireless
705-717-xxxx Barrie Rogers Wireless
705-718-xxxx Barrie Rogers Wireless
705-719-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-720-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-721-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-722-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-723-xxxx Trout Creek Bell Canada - On
705-724-xxxx Powassan Bell Canada - On
705-725-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-726-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-727-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-728-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-729-xxxx Restoule Bell Canada - On
705-730-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-731-xxxx Bobcaygeon Bell Canada - On
705-732-xxxx Rosseau Bell Canada - On
705-733-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-734-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-735-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-736-xxxx Ophir Bell Canada - On
705-737-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-738-xxxx Bobcaygeon Bell Canada - On
705-739-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-740-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-741-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-742-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-743-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-744-xxxx Mattawa Bell Canada - On
705-745-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-746-xxxx Parry Sound Bell Canada - On
705-747-xxxx Deux River Bell Canada - On
705-748-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-749-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-750-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-751-xxxx Parry Sound Exatel Inc.
705-752-xxxx Callander Bell Canada - On
705-753-xxxx Sturgeon Falls Bell Canada - On
705-754-xxxx West Guilford Bell Canada - On
705-755-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-756-xxxx Honey Harbour Bell Canada - On
705-757-xxxx Port Loring Bell Canada - On
705-758-xxxx Field Bell Canada - On
705-759-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-760-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-761-xxxx Peterborough Rogers Wireless
705-762-xxxx Bala Bell Canada - On
705-763-xxxx Dokis Bell Canada - On
705-764-xxxx Milford Bay Bell Canada - On
705-765-xxxx Port Carling Bell Canada - On
705-766-xxxx Dorset Bell Canada - On
705-767-xxxx Baysville Bell Canada - On
705-768-xxxx Peterborough Telus Mobility
705-769-xxxx Windermere Bell Canada - On
705-770-xxxx Barrie Fido Solutions Inc.
705-772-xxxx Peterborough Rogers Wireless
705-773-xxxx Parry Sound Bell Canada - On
705-774-xxxx Parry Sound Bell Canada - On
705-775-xxxx Peterborough Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-776-xxxx Bonfield Bell Canada - On
705-777-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-778-xxxx Havelock Bell Canada - On
705-779-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-781-xxxx Searchmont Bell Canada - On
705-782-xxxx Desbarats Bell Canada - On
705-783-xxxx Huntsville Bell Canada - On
705-785-xxxx Bruce Mines Bell Canada - On
705-786-xxxx Little Britain Bell Canada - On
705-787-xxxx Huntsville Bell Canada - On
705-788-xxxx Huntsville Bell Canada - On
705-789-xxxx Huntsville Bell Canada - On
705-790-xxxx Barrie Bell Mobility
705-791-xxxx Barrie Rogers Wireless
705-792-xxxx Barrie Bell Canada - On
705-793-xxxx Dunsford Bell Canada - On
705-794-xxxx Barrie Bell Mobility
705-795-xxxx Barrie Bell Mobility
705-796-xxxx Barrie Rogers Wireless
705-798-xxxx Barrie Telus Integrated Communication
705-799-xxxx Omemee Bell Canada - On
705-801-xxxx Bracebridge Telus Mobility
705-812-xxxx Barrie Call-net Communications
705-813-xxxx Barrie Call Net Communications
705-814-xxxx Barrie Call-net Communications
705-818-xxxx Barrie Bell Mobility
705-826-xxxx Orillia Bell Mobility
705-828-xxxx Barrie Bell Mobility
705-833-xxxx Sebright Bell Canada - On
705-834-xxxx Moonstone Telus Mobility
705-835-xxxx Moonstone Bell Canada - On
705-840-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-841-xxxx Chub Lake Bell Canada - On
705-842-xxxx Thessalon Bell Canada - On
705-843-xxxx Iron Bridge Bell Canada - On
705-844-xxxx Spanish Bell Canada - On
705-845-xxxx North Bay Bell Canada - On
705-847-xxxx Elliot Lake Exatel Inc.
705-848-xxxx Elliot Lake Bell Canada - On
705-849-xxxx Algoma Mills Bell Canada - On
705-850-xxxx Wawa Exatel Inc.
705-853-xxxx Markstay Bell Canada - On
705-854-xxxx West Guilford Rogers Wireless
705-855-xxxx Chelmsford Bell Canada - On
705-856-xxxx Wawa Bell Canada - On
705-857-xxxx Alban Bell Canada - On
705-858-xxxx Capreol Bell Canada - On
705-859-xxxx Manitowaning Amtelecom Inc.
705-860-xxxx Chapleau Exatel Inc.
705-861-xxxx Pineal Lake Bell Canada - On
705-862-xxxx Espanola Bell Canada - On
705-863-xxxx Espanola Rogers Wireless
705-864-xxxx Chapleau Bell Canada - On
705-865-xxxx Massey Bell Canada - On
705-866-xxxx Whitefish Bell Canada - On
705-867-xxxx Saint Charles Bell Canada - On
705-868-xxxx Peterborough Telus Mobility
705-869-xxxx Espanola Bell Canada - On
705-872-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-874-xxxx Peterborough Telus Integrated Communication
705-875-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-876-xxxx Peterborough Bell Canada - On
705-877-xxxx Nephton Bell Canada - On
705-878-xxxx Lindsay Bell Canada - On
705-879-xxxx Lindsay Bell Canada - On
705-882-xxxx Batchawana Bay Bell Canada - On
705-883-xxxx Oba Bell Canada - On
705-884-xxxx Dubreuilville Bell Canada - On
705-886-xxxx Fenelon Falls Rogers Wireless
705-887-xxxx Fenelon Falls Bell Canada - On
705-888-xxxx Collingwood Rogers Wireless
705-889-xxxx Hawk Junction Bell Canada - On
705-890-xxxx Alliston Telus Mobility
705-892-xxxx Marten River O.n. Tel
705-894-xxxx Gogama Bell Canada - On
705-897-xxxx Blezard Valley Bell Canada - On
705-898-xxxx Noelville Bell Canada - On
705-899-xxxx Foleyet Bell Canada - On
705-919-xxxx Sudbury Bell Mobility
705-920-xxxx Sudbury Bell Mobility
705-924-xxxx Warkworth Bell Canada - On
705-926-xxxx Peterborough Exatel Inc.
705-927-xxxx Peterborough Bell Mobility
705-928-xxxx Lindsay Bell Mobility
705-929-xxxx Sudbury Bell Mobility
705-930-xxxx Peterborough Bell Mobility
705-931-xxxx Peterborough Bell Mobility
705-932-xxxx Millbrook Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-935-xxxx Haliburton Bell Mobility
705-936-xxxx Espanola Bell Mobility
705-937-xxxx Midland Bell Mobility
705-938-xxxx Parry Sound Bell Mobility
705-939-xxxx Bailieboro Bell Canada - On
705-941-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-942-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-943-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Rogers Wireless
705-944-xxxx Cavan Nexicom Telecommunications Inc
705-945-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-946-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-948-xxxx New Liskeard Rogers Wireless
705-949-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Canada - On
705-953-xxxx Oakwood Bell Canada - On
705-965-xxxx Cartier Bell Canada - On
705-966-xxxx Levack Bell Canada - On
705-967-xxxx Warren Bell Canada - On
705-968-xxxx Little Current Rogers Wireless
705-969-xxxx Hanmer Bell Canada - On
705-971-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Mobility
705-981-xxxx Thorne Bell Canada - On
705-983-xxxx Azilda Bell Canada - On
705-987-xxxx Sault Ste Marie Bell Mobility
705-997-xxxx Attawapiskat Bell Canada - On

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