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Reverse search of telephone numbers is useful for people who need to know who called them without having to dial the actual number. There are many circumstances that require the person to keep his / her privacy while getting informed about the individual or the organization that was calling. You can reveal the caller's identify by looking up the telephone number in the directory. The information such as the Ontario reverse lookup is extracted directly from dynamic archives and several major directories. Methods such as GPS tracking and Cell Phone tower wide area search are not available through this search. The 519 phone numbers search is available for all of the Area codes which are displayed below. There are certain information that is not available through public records, such as the "first and last names of an individual to whom the telephone numbers belongs, Ontario". This information requires resources of various servers in order to extract it and make it available upon request. There might be a minimal fee charged depending on the information that is requested.

Area Code 519 Information

Area Code: 519
State: Ontario
Cities: London, Preston, Dorchester, Lambeth, Strathroy, Saint Jacobs, Saint Thomas, Kitchener, Brantford, Elmira, Hespeler, Breslau, Baden, Orangeville, Saint Clemnts, Granton, Lucan, Centralia, Kirkton, Galt, Nairn, Clinton, Crediton, Exeter, Zurich, Dashwood, Grand Bend, Port Franks, Kerwood, Windsor, Mount Forest, Hensall, Mount Brydges, Guelph, Harrietsville, Owen Sound, Stratford, Kintore, Saint Marys, Thamesford, Glencoe, Melbourne, Woodstock, Listowel, Ailsa Craig, Parkhill, Thedford, Ilderton, Paris, Ingersoll, Shelburne, Hillsburgh, Sarnia, Erin, Caledon, Leamington, Clifford, Holstein, Gorrie, Harriston, Palmerston, Dublin, Monkton, Mitchell, Uniondale, Chatham, Paisley, Atwood, Wingham, Tiverton, Chesley, Hanover, Cargill, Mildmay, Durham, Port Elgin, New Hamburg, New Dundee, Teeswater, Sebringville, Ayr, Ripley, Kincardine, Tillsonburg, Innerkip, Fergus, Rockwood, Simcoe, Tavistock, Elora, Saint Stephen, Sauble Beach, Beachville, Burgessville, Courtright, Goderich, Waterford, Ohsweken, Scotland, Burford, Bright, Princeton, Thorndale, Hickson, Drumbo, Eastwood, Norwich, Embro, Tecumseh, Corunna, Southampton, Mount Pleasant, Walkerton, Selkirk, Blyth, Auburn, Seaforth, Lucknow, Dungannon, Wiarton, Meaford, Drayton, Linwood, Belmont, Bayfield, Delhi, Port Dover, Port Rowan, Jarvis, Stokes Bay, Milverton, Tobermory, Kitchener Waterloo, Thornbury, Shakespeare, Wallaceburg, Lynden, Wellesley, Ayton, Ridgetown, Blenheim, Port Lambton, Highgate, Tilbury, Dresden, Plattsville, Comber, Merlin, Thamesville, Wardsville, Bothwell, Kingsville, Amherstburg, Belle River, Pleasant Park, Pelee Island, Mcgregor, Emeryville, La Salle, Maidstone, Harrow, Dutton, Shedden, Aylmer, West Lorne, Fingal, Sparta, Essex, Port Stanley, Rodney, Forest, Lions Head, Chatsworth, Dyer Bay, Stoney Point, Neustadt, Wheatley, Arkona, Oil Springs, Cottam, Inwood, Wyoming, Alvinston, Arthur, Watford, Acton, Brigden, Straffordville, Brights Grove, Port Burwell, Langton, Brownsville, Otterville, Petrolia, Brussels, Sombra, Aberarder, Feversham, Dundalk, Flesherton, Grand Valley, Tara, Hepworth, Woodslee, Markdale

Exchanges in Area Code 519

Exchange County City Carrier
519-200-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-201-xxxx Preston Allstream Corp.
519-202-xxxx Dorchester Rogers Cable Communications In
519-203-xxxx Lambeth Rogers Cable Communications In
519-204-xxxx London Rogers Cable Communications In
519-205-xxxx Strathroy Rogers Cable Communications In
519-206-xxxx Saint Jacobs Rogers Cable Communications In
519-207-xxxx Saint Thomas Rogers Cable Communications In
519-208-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Cable Communications In
519-209-xxxx Brantford Rogers Wireless
519-210-xxxx Elmira Rogers Cable Communications In
519-212-xxxx Hespeler Rogers Wireless
519-213-xxxx Breslau Rogers Cable Communications In
519-214-xxxx Baden Rogers Cable Communications In
519-215-xxxx Orangeville Rogers Wireless
519-216-xxxx Orangeville Telus Mobility
519-217-xxxx Orangeville Rogers Wireless
519-218-xxxx Saint Clemnts Rogers Cable Communications In
519-219-xxxx Preston Rogers Cable Communications In
519-220-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-221-xxxx Hespeler Telus Mobility
519-222-xxxx Hespeler Telus Mobility
519-223-xxxx Hespeler Telus Mobility
519-224-xxxx Hespeler Allstream Corp.
519-225-xxxx Granton Quadro Communications Co-opera
519-227-xxxx Lucan Bell Canada - On
519-228-xxxx Centralia Bell Canada - On
519-229-xxxx Kirkton Quadro Communications Co-opera
519-230-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-231-xxxx Galt Allstream Corp.
519-232-xxxx Nairn Bell Canada - On
519-233-xxxx Clinton Tuckersmith Communications Co-
519-234-xxxx Crediton Bell Canada - On
519-235-xxxx Exeter Bell Canada - On
519-236-xxxx Zurich Hay Communications Co-operativ
519-237-xxxx Dashwood Hay Communications Co-operativ
519-238-xxxx Grand Bend Hay Communications Co-operativ
519-239-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-240-xxxx Hespeler Bell Mobility
519-241-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-242-xxxx Hespeler Bell Mobility
519-243-xxxx Port Franks Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-244-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-245-xxxx Strathroy Bell Canada - On
519-246-xxxx Strathroy Bell Canada - On
519-247-xxxx Kerwood Bell Canada - On
519-248-xxxx Hespeler Allstream Corp.
519-249-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-250-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-251-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-252-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-253-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-254-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-255-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-256-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-257-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-258-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-259-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-260-xxxx Hespeler Rogers Cable Communications In
519-261-xxxx Mount Forest Rogers Wireless
519-262-xxxx Hensall Bell Canada - On
519-263-xxxx Hensall Tuckersmith Communications Co-
519-264-xxxx Mount Brydges Bell Canada - On
519-265-xxxx Guelph Rogers Cable Communications In
519-266-xxxx London Globility
519-267-xxxx Galt Rogers Cable Communications In
519-268-xxxx Dorchester Bell Canada - On
519-269-xxxx Harrietsville Bell Canada - On
519-270-xxxx Owen Sound Rogers Wireless
519-271-xxxx Stratford Bell Canada - On
519-272-xxxx Stratford Bell Canada - On
519-273-xxxx Stratford Bell Canada - On
519-274-xxxx Stratford Bell Canada - On
519-275-xxxx Stratford Bell Canada - On
519-276-xxxx Stratford Bell Canada - On
519-277-xxxx Hespeler Bell Mobility
519-278-xxxx Orangeville Bell Mobility
519-279-xxxx Kitchener Globility
519-280-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-281-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-282-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-283-xxxx Kintore Bell Canada - On
519-284-xxxx Saint Marys Bell Canada - On
519-285-xxxx Thamesford Bell Canada - On
519-286-xxxx London Allstream Corp.
519-287-xxxx Glencoe Bell Canada - On
519-288-xxxx Orangeville Telus Mobility
519-289-xxxx Melbourne Bell Canada - On
519-290-xxxx Woodstock Rogers Cable Communications In
519-291-xxxx Listowel Bell Canada - On
519-292-xxxx Listowel Bell Canada - On
519-293-xxxx Ailsa Craig Bell Canada - On
519-294-xxxx Parkhill Bell Canada - On
519-295-xxxx Thamesford Rogers Cable Communications In
519-296-xxxx Thedford Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-297-xxxx Exeter Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-298-xxxx Ilderton Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-299-xxxx Strathroy Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-301-xxxx Stratford Rogers Wireless
519-302-xxxx Paris Rogers Cable Communications In
519-303-xxxx Ingersoll Rogers Cable Communications In
519-304-xxxx Brantford Rogers Cable Communications In
519-305-xxxx Stratford Rogers Cable Communications In
519-306-xxxx Shelburne Rogers Cable Communications In
519-307-xxxx Orangeville Rogers Cable Communications In
519-308-xxxx Hillsburgh Rogers Cable Communications In
519-309-xxxx Brantford Call-net Communications
519-312-xxxx Sarnia Bell Mobility
519-313-xxxx Mount Forest Telus Mobility
519-314-xxxx Mount Forest Telus Mobility
519-315-xxxx Erin Rogers Cable Communications In
519-316-xxxx Caledon Rogers Cable Communications In
519-317-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-318-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-319-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-320-xxxx Woodstock Bell Mobility
519-321-xxxx Mount Forest Bell Canada - On
519-322-xxxx Leamington Bell Canada - On
519-323-xxxx Mount Forest Bell Canada - On
519-324-xxxx Leamington Bell Canada - On
519-325-xxxx Leamington Bell Canada - On
519-326-xxxx Leamington Bell Canada - On
519-327-xxxx Clifford Wightman Telephone Ltd.
519-328-xxxx Sarnia Telus Mobility
519-329-xxxx Leamington Rogers Wireless
519-330-xxxx Sarnia Telus Mobility
519-331-xxxx Sarnia Bell Mobility
519-332-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-333-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-334-xxxx Holstein Bell Canada - On
519-335-xxxx Gorrie Wightman Telephone Ltd.
519-336-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-337-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-338-xxxx Harriston Bell Canada - On
519-339-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-340-xxxx Kitchener Allstream Corp.
519-341-xxxx Guelph Call-net Communications
519-342-xxxx Kitchener Call-net Communications
519-343-xxxx Palmerston Bell Canada - On
519-344-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-345-xxxx Dublin Bell Canada - On
519-346-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-347-xxxx Monkton Bell Canada - On
519-348-xxxx Mitchell Bell Canada - On
519-349-xxxx Uniondale Quadro Communications Co-opera
519-350-xxxx Chatham Rogers Wireless
519-351-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-352-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-353-xxxx Paisley Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-354-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-355-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-356-xxxx Atwood Bell Canada - On
519-357-xxxx Wingham Bell Canada - On
519-358-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-359-xxxx Chatham Bell Mobility
519-360-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-361-xxxx Tiverton Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-362-xxxx Guelph Telus Mobility
519-363-xxxx Chesley Bell Canada - On
519-364-xxxx Hanover Bell Canada - On
519-365-xxxx Chatham Telus Mobility
519-366-xxxx Cargill Bell Canada - On
519-367-xxxx Mildmay Wightman Telephone Ltd.
519-368-xxxx Tiverton Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-369-xxxx Durham Bell Canada - On
519-370-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-371-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-372-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-373-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-374-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-375-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-376-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-377-xxxx Owen Sound Telus Mobility
519-378-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Canada - On
519-379-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Mobility
519-380-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-381-xxxx Sarnia Rogers Wireless
519-383-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-384-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-385-xxxx Port Elgin Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-386-xxxx Port Elgin Rogers Wireless
519-387-xxxx Owen Sound Telus Mobility
519-388-xxxx Chatham Telus Integrated Communication
519-389-xxxx Port Elgin Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-390-xxxx New Hamburg Rogers Cable Communications In
519-391-xxxx New Dundee Rogers Cable Communications In
519-392-xxxx Teeswater Wightman Telephone Ltd.
519-393-xxxx Sebringville Quadro Communications Co-opera
519-394-xxxx Ayr Rogers Cable Communications In
519-395-xxxx Ripley Huron Telecommunications Co-op
519-396-xxxx Kincardine Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-397-xxxx Chatham Telus Integrated Communication
519-398-xxxx Leamington Telus Integrated Communication
519-399-xxxx Lucan Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-400-xxxx Guelph Rogers Wireless
519-401-xxxx Chatham Bell Mobility
519-402-xxxx Sarnia Bell Mobility
519-403-xxxx Tillsonburg Bell Mobility
519-404-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-405-xxxx Innerkip Rogers Cable Communications In
519-406-xxxx Ilderton Rogers Cable Communications In
519-407-xxxx Fergus Rogers Cable Communications In
519-408-xxxx Rockwood Rogers Cable Communications In
519-409-xxxx Tillsonburg Rogers Cable Communications In
519-410-xxxx Simcoe Rogers Wireless
519-412-xxxx Tavistock Rogers Cable Communications In
519-413-xxxx Elora Rogers Cable Communications In
519-414-xxxx Saint Stephen Rogers Cable Communications In
519-415-xxxx Orangeville Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-416-xxxx Owen Sound Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-417-xxxx Palmerston Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-418-xxxx Listowel Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-419-xxxx Windsor Call-net Communications
519-420-xxxx Simcoe Bell Canada - On
519-421-xxxx Woodstock Bell Canada - On
519-422-xxxx Sauble Beach Bell Canada - On
519-423-xxxx Beachville Bell Canada - On
519-424-xxxx Burgessville Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-425-xxxx Ingersoll Bell Canada - On
519-426-xxxx Simcoe Bell Canada - On
519-427-xxxx Simcoe Bell Canada - On
519-428-xxxx Simcoe Bell Canada - On
519-429-xxxx Simcoe Bell Canada - On
519-430-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-431-xxxx Courtright Bell Canada - On
519-432-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-433-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-434-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-435-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-436-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-437-xxxx Chatham Bell Canada - On
519-438-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-439-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-440-xxxx Goderich Bell Canada - On
519-441-xxxx Goderich Bell Mobility
519-442-xxxx Paris Bell Canada - On
519-443-xxxx Waterford Bell Canada - On
519-444-xxxx Listowel Bell Mobility
519-445-xxxx Ohsweken Bell Canada - On
519-446-xxxx Scotland Bell Canada - On
519-447-xxxx Owen Sound Telus Mobility
519-448-xxxx Saint Stephen Bell Canada - On
519-449-xxxx Burford Bell Canada - On
519-450-xxxx Wingham Bell Mobility
519-451-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-452-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-453-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-454-xxxx Bright Bell Canada - On
519-455-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-456-xxxx Woodstock Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-457-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-458-xxxx Princeton Bell Canada - On
519-459-xxxx Parkhill Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-461-xxxx Thorndale Bell Canada - On
519-462-xxxx Hickson Bell Canada - On
519-463-xxxx Drumbo Bell Canada - On
519-464-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-465-xxxx Kitchener Telus Mobility
519-466-xxxx Sarnia Rogers Wireless
519-467-xxxx Eastwood Bell Canada - On
519-468-xxxx Norwich Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-469-xxxx Innerkip Bell Canada - On
519-470-xxxx Owen Sound Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-471-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-472-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-473-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-474-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-475-xxxx Embro Bell Canada - On
519-476-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-477-xxxx Owen Sound Bell Mobility
519-478-xxxx Tecumseh Call-net Communications
519-479-xxxx Sarnia Call-net Communications
519-480-xxxx Chatham Call-net Communications
519-481-xxxx Corunna Bell Canada - On
519-482-xxxx Clinton Bell Canada - On
519-483-xxxx Southampton Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-484-xxxx Mount Pleasant Bell Canada - On
519-485-xxxx Ingersoll Bell Canada - On
519-486-xxxx Lambeth Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-488-xxxx London Gt Group Telecom Services Corp
519-489-xxxx Kitchener Gt Group Telecom Services Corp
519-490-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-491-xxxx Sarnia Telus Integrated Communication
519-492-xxxx Listowel Rogers Wireless
519-493-xxxx Durham Bell Mobility
519-494-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-495-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-496-xxxx Kitchener Telus Mobility
519-497-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-498-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-499-xxxx Dorchester Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-500-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-501-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-502-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-503-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-504-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-505-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-506-xxxx Hanover Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-507-xxxx Walkerton Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-508-xxxx Stratford Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-509-xxxx Mount Forest Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-510-xxxx Harriston Wightman Communications Ltd.
519-512-xxxx Brantford Call-net Communications
519-513-xxxx Kitchener Call-net Communications
519-514-xxxx Kitchener Call-net Communications
519-515-xxxx Guelph Call-net Communications
519-516-xxxx Brantford Call-net Communications
519-517-xxxx Ailsa Craig Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-518-xxxx London Execulink Telecom Inc.
519-520-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-521-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-522-xxxx Selkirk Tuckersmith Communications Co-
519-523-xxxx Blyth Bell Canada - On
519-524-xxxx Goderich Bell Canada - On
519-525-xxxx Goderich Bell Canada - On
519-526-xxxx Auburn Bell Canada - On
519-527-xxxx Seaforth Bell Canada - On
519-528-xxxx Lucknow Bell Canada - On
519-529-xxxx Dungannon Huron Telecommunications Co-op
519-530-xxxx Wingham Bell Canada - On
519-531-xxxx Wingham Rogers Wireless
519-532-xxxx Woodstock Rogers Wireless
519-533-xxxx Woodstock Bell Canada - On
519-534-xxxx Wiarton Bell Canada - On
519-535-xxxx Woodstock Bell Canada - On
519-536-xxxx Woodstock Bell Canada - On
519-537-xxxx Woodstock Bell Canada - On
519-538-xxxx Meaford Bell Canada - On
519-539-xxxx Woodstock Bell Canada - On
519-540-xxxx Walkerton Bell Mobility
519-541-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-542-xxxx Sarnia Bell Canada - On
519-545-xxxx Drayton Rogers Cable Communications In
519-546-xxxx Guelph Rogers Wireless
519-547-xxxx Melbourne Rogers Cable Communications In
519-549-xxxx Thorndale Rogers Cable Communications In
519-550-xxxx Tillsonburg Rogers Wireless
519-551-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-552-xxxx London Call-net Communications
519-553-xxxx Guelph Call-net Communications
519-554-xxxx Kitchener Call-net Communications
519-556-xxxx Linwood Rogers Cable Communications In
519-557-xxxx Harrietsville Rogers Cable Communications In
519-558-xxxx Belmont Rogers Cable Communications In
519-559-xxxx Mount Brydges Rogers Cable Communications In
519-560-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-561-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-562-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-563-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-564-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-565-xxxx Bayfield Tuckersmith Communications Co-
519-566-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-567-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-568-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-569-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-570-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-571-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-572-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-573-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-574-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-575-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-576-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-577-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-578-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-579-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-580-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-581-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-582-xxxx Delhi Bell Canada - On
519-583-xxxx Port Dover Bell Canada - On
519-584-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-585-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-586-xxxx Port Rowan Bell Canada - On
519-587-xxxx Jarvis Bell Canada - On
519-588-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-589-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-590-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-591-xxxx Kitchener Rogers Wireless
519-592-xxxx Stokes Bay Amtelecom Inc.
519-593-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-594-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-595-xxxx Milverton Mornington Communications Co-o
519-596-xxxx Tobermory Amtelecom Inc.
519-597-xxxx Kitchener Waterloo Bell Canada - On
519-598-xxxx Chatham Telus Integrated Communication
519-599-xxxx Thornbury Bell Canada - On
519-601-xxxx London Rogers Cable Communications In
519-604-xxxx Mount Forest Bell Mobility
519-606-xxxx Clinton Tuckersmith Communications Co-
519-608-xxxx Woodstock Telus Mobility
519-612-xxxx Goderich Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
519-613-xxxx Leamington Bell Mobility
519-614-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-615-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-616-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-617-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-618-xxxx Galt Telus Integrated Communication
519-619-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-620-xxxx Galt Bell Canada - On
519-621-xxxx Galt Bell Canada - On
519-622-xxxx Galt Bell Canada - On
519-623-xxxx Galt Bell Canada - On
519-624-xxxx Galt Bell Canada - On
519-625-xxxx Shakespeare Bell Canada - On
519-626-xxxx Wallaceburg Telus Integrated Communication
519-627-xxxx Wallaceburg Bell Canada - On
519-628-xxxx Wallaceburg Bell Canada - On
519-629-xxxx Galt Allstream Corp.
519-630-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-631-xxxx Saint Thomas Bell Canada - On
519-632-xxxx Ayr Bell Canada - On
519-633-xxxx Saint Thomas Bell Canada - On
519-634-xxxx Baden Bell Canada - On
519-635-xxxx Kitchener Telus Mobility
519-636-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-637-xxxx Saint Thomas Bell Canada - On
519-638-xxxx Drayton Bell Canada - On
519-639-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-640-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-641-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-642-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-643-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-644-xxxx Belmont Bell Canada - On
519-645-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-646-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-647-xxxx Lynden Bell Canada - On
519-648-xxxx Breslau Bell Canada - On
519-649-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-650-xxxx Preston Bell Canada - On
519-651-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-652-xxxx Lambeth Bell Canada - On
519-653-xxxx Preston Bell Canada - On
519-654-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-655-xxxx Tavistock Bell Canada - On
519-656-xxxx Wellesley Bell Canada - On
519-657-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-658-xxxx Hespeler Bell Canada - On
519-659-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-660-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-661-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-662-xxxx New Hamburg Bell Canada - On
519-663-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-664-xxxx Saint Jacobs Bell Canada - On
519-665-xxxx Ayton Wightman Telephone Ltd.
519-666-xxxx Ilderton Bell Canada - On
519-667-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-668-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-669-xxxx Elmira Bell Canada - On
519-670-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-671-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-672-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-673-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-674-xxxx Ridgetown Bell Canada - On
519-675-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-676-xxxx Blenheim Bell Canada - On
519-677-xxxx Port Lambton Bell Canada - On
519-678-xxxx Highgate Bell Canada - On
519-679-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-680-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-681-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-682-xxxx Tilbury Bell Canada - On
519-683-xxxx Dresden Bell Canada - On
519-684-xxxx Plattsville Bell Canada - On
519-685-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-686-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-687-xxxx Comber Bell Canada - On
519-688-xxxx Tillsonburg Bell Canada - On
519-689-xxxx Merlin Bell Canada - On
519-690-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-691-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-692-xxxx Thamesville Bell Canada - On
519-693-xxxx Wardsville Bell Canada - On
519-694-xxxx London Fido Solutions Inc.
519-695-xxxx Bothwell Bell Canada - On
519-696-xxxx New Dundee Bell Canada - On
519-697-xxxx London Fido Solutions Inc.
519-698-xxxx Linwood Bell Canada - On
519-699-xxxx Saint Clemnts Bell Canada - On
519-701-xxxx London Fido Solutions Inc.
519-702-xxxx London Fido Solutions Inc.
519-703-xxxx Stratford Telus Mobility
519-704-xxxx Sarnia Isp Telecom
519-706-xxxx Port Elgin Telus Mobility
519-707-xxxx Kitchener Telus Integrated Communication
519-708-xxxx Port Elgin Telus Mobility
519-709-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-710-xxxx Guelph Telus Mobility
519-712-xxxx Kingsville Telus Integrated Communication
519-713-xxxx Amherstburg Telus Integrated Communication
519-715-xxxx Belle River Telus Integrated Communication
519-716-xxxx Hespeler Bell Mobility
519-717-xxxx Brantford Bell Mobility
519-718-xxxx Simcoe Bell Mobility
519-719-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-720-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-721-xxxx Kitchener Fido Solutions Inc.
519-722-xxxx Kitchener Fido Solutions Inc.
519-723-xxxx Pleasant Park Bell Canada - On
519-724-xxxx Pelee Island Bell Canada - On
519-725-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-726-xxxx Mcgregor Bell Canada - On
519-727-xxxx Emeryville Bell Canada - On
519-728-xxxx Belle River Bell Canada - On
519-729-xxxx Kitchener Fido Solutions Inc.
519-730-xxxx Amherstburg Bell Canada - On
519-731-xxxx Guelph Fido Solutions Inc.
519-732-xxxx Brantford Bell Mobility
519-733-xxxx Kingsville Bell Canada - On
519-734-xxxx La Salle Bell Canada - On
519-735-xxxx Tecumseh Bell Canada - On
519-736-xxxx Amherstburg Bell Canada - On
519-737-xxxx Maidstone Bell Canada - On
519-738-xxxx Harrow Bell Canada - On
519-739-xxxx Tecumseh Bell Canada - On
519-740-xxxx Galt Bell Canada - On
519-741-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-742-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-743-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-744-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-745-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-746-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-747-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-748-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-749-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-750-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-751-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-752-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-753-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-754-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-755-xxxx Brantford Rogers Wireless
519-756-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-757-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-758-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-759-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-760-xxxx Guelph Fido Solutions Inc.
519-761-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-762-xxxx Dutton Bell Canada - On
519-763-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-764-xxxx Shedden Bell Canada - On
519-765-xxxx Aylmer Amtelecom Inc.
519-766-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-767-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-768-xxxx West Lorne Bell Canada - On
519-769-xxxx Fingal Bell Canada - On
519-770-xxxx Brantford Bell Canada - On
519-771-xxxx Brantford Rogers Wireless
519-772-xxxx Kitchener Allstream Corp.
519-773-xxxx Aylmer Amtelecom Inc.
519-774-xxxx Brantford Fido Solutions Inc.
519-775-xxxx Sparta Bell Canada - On
519-776-xxxx Essex Bell Canada - On
519-777-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-778-xxxx Kitchener Telus Mobility
519-779-xxxx Aylmer Amtelecom Inc.
519-780-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-781-xxxx Kitchener Fido Solutions Inc.
519-782-xxxx Port Stanley Bell Canada - On
519-783-xxxx Kitchener Telus Integrated Communication
519-784-xxxx Chatham Rogers Wireless
519-785-xxxx Rodney Bell Canada - On
519-786-xxxx Forest People's Telephone Company Of
519-787-xxxx Fergus Bell Canada - On
519-788-xxxx Woodstock Telus Mobility
519-789-xxxx London Managed Network Systems Inc.
519-790-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-791-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-792-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-793-xxxx Lions Head Amtelecom Inc.
519-794-xxxx Chatsworth Bell Canada - On
519-795-xxxx Dyer Bay Amtelecom Inc.
519-796-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-797-xxxx Southampton Bell Canada - On
519-798-xxxx Stoney Point Bell Canada - On
519-799-xxxx Neustadt Wightman Telephone Ltd.
519-801-xxxx Stratford Telus Mobility
519-802-xxxx Brantford Telus Mobility
519-803-xxxx Guelph Telus Mobility
519-805-xxxx Brantford Globility
519-806-xxxx Orangeville Telus Mobility
519-807-xxxx Kitchener Telus Mobility
519-808-xxxx London Telus Mobility
519-809-xxxx Chatham Telus Mobility
519-812-xxxx Lucknow Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
519-813-xxxx Corunna Telus Integrated Communication
519-814-xxxx Stratford Mornington Communications
519-815-xxxx Listowel Mornington Communications
519-816-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-817-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-818-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-819-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-820-xxxx Guelph Bell Mobility
519-821-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-822-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-823-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-824-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-825-xxxx Wheatley Bell Canada - On
519-826-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-827-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-828-xxxx Arkona People's Telephone Company Of
519-829-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-830-xxxx Guelph Rogers Wireless
519-831-xxxx Guelph Bell Mobility
519-832-xxxx Port Elgin Bruce Municipal Telephone Syst
519-833-xxxx Erin Bell Canada - On
519-834-xxxx Oil Springs Bell Canada - On
519-835-xxxx Guelph Rogers Wireless
519-836-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-837-xxxx Guelph Bell Canada - On
519-838-xxxx Guelph Telus Integrated Communication
519-839-xxxx Cottam Gosfield North Communication C
519-840-xxxx Guelph Telus Integrated Communication
519-841-xxxx Hespeler Rogers Wireless
519-842-xxxx Tillsonburg Bell Canada - On
519-843-xxxx Fergus Bell Canada - On
519-844-xxxx Inwood Brooke Telecom Co-operative Lt
519-845-xxxx Wyoming Bell Canada - On
519-846-xxxx Elora Bell Canada - On
519-847-xxxx Alvinston Brooke Telecom Co-operative Lt
519-848-xxxx Arthur Bell Canada - On
519-849-xxxx Watford Brooke Telecom Co-operative Lt
519-850-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-851-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-852-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-853-xxxx Acton Bell Canada - On
519-854-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-855-xxxx Hillsburgh Bell Canada - On
519-856-xxxx Rockwood Bell Canada - On
519-857-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-858-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-859-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-860-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-861-xxxx Brantford Telus Mobility
519-862-xxxx Corunna Bell Canada - On
519-863-xxxx Norwich Bell Canada - On
519-864-xxxx Brigden Bell Canada - On
519-865-xxxx Brantford Telus Mobility
519-866-xxxx Straffordville Amtelecom Inc.
519-867-xxxx Courtright Bell Canada - On
519-868-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-869-xxxx Brights Grove Bell Canada - On
519-870-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-871-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-872-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-873-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-874-xxxx Port Burwell Amtelecom Inc.
519-875-xxxx Langton Bell Canada - On
519-876-xxxx Watford Bell Canada - On
519-877-xxxx Brownsville Bell Canada - On
519-878-xxxx London Bell Mobility
519-879-xxxx Otterville Bell Canada - On
519-880-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-881-xxxx Walkerton Bell Canada - On
519-882-xxxx Petrolia Bell Canada - On
519-883-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-884-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-885-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-886-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-887-xxxx Brussels Bell Canada - On
519-888-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-889-xxxx Walkerton Bell Canada - On
519-890-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-891-xxxx Goderich Telus Mobility
519-892-xxxx Sombra Bell Canada - On
519-893-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-894-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-895-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-896-xxxx Kitchener Bell Canada - On
519-897-xxxx Kitchener Bell Mobility
519-898-xxxx Alvinston Bell Canada - On
519-899-xxxx Aberarder People's Telephone Company Of
519-901-xxxx Walkerton Rogers Wireless
519-902-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-903-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-907-xxxx London Call-net Communications
519-909-xxxx Simcoe Telus Mobility
519-912-xxxx Wingham Miscellaneous Exchange Carrier
519-913-xxxx London Call-net Communications
519-917-xxxx Chatham Bell Mobility
519-918-xxxx Sarnia Telus Mobility
519-919-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-921-xxxx Durham Bell Canada - On
519-922-xxxx Feversham Bell Canada - On
519-923-xxxx Dundalk Bell Canada - On
519-924-xxxx Flesherton Bell Canada - On
519-925-xxxx Shelburne Bell Canada - On
519-927-xxxx Caledon Bell Canada - On
519-928-xxxx Grand Valley Bell Canada - On
519-929-xxxx Acton Telus Integrated Communication
519-930-xxxx London Telus Integrated Communication
519-931-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-932-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-933-xxxx London Rogers Wireless
519-934-xxxx Tara Bell Canada - On
519-935-xxxx Hepworth Bell Canada - On
519-936-xxxx London Call-net Communications
519-937-xxxx London Telus Integrated Communication
519-938-xxxx Orangeville Bell Canada - On
519-939-xxxx Orangeville Bell Canada - On
519-940-xxxx Orangeville Bell Canada - On
519-941-xxxx Orangeville Bell Canada - On
519-942-xxxx Orangeville Bell Canada - On
519-943-xxxx Orangeville Bell Canada - On
519-944-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-945-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-946-xxxx Windsor Allstream Corp.
519-947-xxxx Preston Allstream Corp.
519-948-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-949-xxxx Stratford Bell Mobility
519-951-xxxx London Bell Canada - On
519-952-xxxx Jarvis Allstream Corp.
519-954-xxxx Kitchener Waterloo Rogers Cable Communications In
519-955-xxxx Goderich Rogers Wireless
519-956-xxxx Tecumseh Telus Integrated Communication
519-957-xxxx Kitchener Gt Group Telecom Services Corp
519-960-xxxx Windsor Telus Integrated Communication
519-961-xxxx Essex Telus Integrated Communication
519-962-xxxx Windsor Telus Integrated Communication
519-963-xxxx London Allstream Corp.
519-964-xxxx London Allstream Corp.
519-965-xxxx Windsor Bell Mobility
519-966-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-967-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-968-xxxx Windsor Telus Integrated Communication
519-969-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-970-xxxx La Salle Telus Integrated Communication
519-971-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-972-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-973-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-974-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-975-xxxx Woodslee Bell Canada - On
519-977-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-978-xxxx La Salle Bell Canada - On
519-979-xxxx Tecumseh Bell Canada - On
519-980-xxxx Windsor Rogers Wireless
519-981-xxxx Windsor Bell Mobility
519-982-xxxx Windsor Bell Mobility
519-983-xxxx Tillsonburg Bell Canada - On
519-984-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada
519-985-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-986-xxxx Markdale Bell Canada - On
519-987-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-988-xxxx Windsor Bell Canada - On
519-989-xxxx Windsor Call-net Communications
519-990-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility
519-991-xxxx Windsor Fido Solutions Inc.
519-992-xxxx Windsor Fido Solutions Inc.
519-993-xxxx Guelph Bell Mobility
519-994-xxxx Guelph Bell Mobility
519-995-xxxx Windsor Bell Mobility
519-996-xxxx Windsor Bell Mobility
519-997-xxxx Windsor Globility
519-998-xxxx Kitchener Telus Mobility
519-999-xxxx Windsor Telus Mobility

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