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Reverse search of telephone numbers is useful for people who need to know who called them without having to dial the actual number. There are many circumstances that require the person to keep his / her privacy while getting informed about the individual or the organization that was calling. You can reveal the caller's identify by looking up the telephone number in the directory. The information such as the Saskatchewan reverse lookup is extracted directly from dynamic archives and several major directories. Methods such as GPS tracking and Cell Phone tower wide area search are not available through this search. The 306 phone numbers search is available for all of the Area codes which are displayed below. There are certain information that is not available through public records, such as the "first and last names of an individual to whom the telephone numbers belongs, Saskatchewan". This information requires resources of various servers in order to extract it and make it available upon request. There might be a minimal fee charged depending on the information that is requested.

Area Code 306 Information

Area Code: 306
State: Saskatchewan
Cities: Regina, North Battleford, Rosthern, Rosetown, Saskatoon, Kipling, Hague, Leask, Unity, Humboldt, Wakaw, Meadow Lake, Bufflo Narrows, Perdue, Goodsoil, Osler, Outlook, Francis, Speers, Wilkie, Saint Walburg, Davidson, Aberdeen, Dalmeny, Colonsay, Cudworth, Allan, Vonda, Watrous, Assiniboia, Kincaid, Coronach, Bengough, Foam Lake, Rhein, Lestock, Melfort, Nipawin, Porcupin Plain, Yellow Creek, Dillon, Langham, Stony Rapids, Lashburn, Watson, Beauval, Climax, Shaunavon, Eastend, Frontier, Val Marie, Consul, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Swift Current, Yorkton, Rose Valley, Wadena, Kelvington, Wynyard, Asquith, Fort Quappell, Balcarres, Lemberg, Glaslyn, Paradise Hill, Pense, Centralbte, Mossbank, Mortlach, Plenty, Dinsmore, Macklin, Lanigan, Creighton, Bruno, Luseland, Kyle, Meacham, Elrose, Kindersley, Quill Lake, Marshall, Bienfait, Maymont, Cut Knife, Coderre, Patuanak, Edam, Weyburn, Moosomin, Maple Creek, Indian Head, Gull Lake, Estevan, La Ronge, Saint Louis, Montmartre, Smeaton, Spiritwood, Fillmore, Milestone, Pangman, Oxbow, Radville, Carlyle, Redvers, Tribune, Stoughton, Midale, Yellow Grass, Duck Lake, Canwood, Big River, Lafleche, Rockglen, Mankota, Carnduff, Strasbourg, Lampman, Holdfast, Dundurn, Delisle, Blaine Lake, Uranium City, Semans, Nokomis, Esterhazy, Kamsack, Hanley, Preeceville, Sturgis, Hafford, Neidpath, Canora, Lucky Lake, Eston, Vanguard, Cabri, Invermay, Norquay, Pelly, Lloydminster, Leader, Ponteix, Pennant, Neville, Morse, Pelican Narrows, Wolfville, Stanley Mission, Bethune, Maryfield, Theodore, Gravelborg, Prudhomme, Biggar, Waskesiu Lake, Webb, Ituna, Hodgeville, Fond Dulac, Indianhead, Broadview, Grenfell, Wolseley, Quappelle, Melville, Cupar, Southey, Regina Beach, Lumsden, Wilcox, Craik, Whitewood, Riceton, Wawota, Calder, Langenburg, Saltcoats, Raymore, Shellbrook, Birch Hills, Sandy Bay, Southend, Eyebrow, Balgonie, Carrot River, Rouleau, Herbert, Marquis, Springside, Briercrest, La Loche, Neilburg, Radisson, Canoe Narrows, Green Lake, Ilealacros, Kerrobert, Punnichy, Loon Lake, Pierceland, Turtleford, Imperial, Beechy, Kinistino, Hudson Bay, Avonlea, Naicam, Tisdale, Pinehouse, Cumberld House, Meota, Maidstone, Turnor Lake, Churchbdg, Torquay, No Portal, Meath Park, Earl Grey, Alvena, Waldheim, Hepburn, Odessa, Chirstopher Lake, Leoville, Paddockwd, Borden

Exchanges in Area Code 306

Exchange County City Carrier
306-205-xxxx Regina Allstream Corp.
306-208-xxxx North Battleford Telus Mobility
306-212-xxxx Rosthern Sasktel Mobility
306-219-xxxx Rosetown Rogers Wireless
306-220-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-221-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-222-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-223-xxxx Rosthern Sasktel
306-224-xxxx Kipling Sasktel
306-225-xxxx Hague Sasktel
306-226-xxxx Leask Sasktel
306-227-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-228-xxxx Unity Sasktel
306-229-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-230-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-231-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel Mobility
306-232-xxxx Rosthern Sasktel
306-233-xxxx Wakaw Sasktel
306-234-xxxx Meadow Lake Sasktel
306-235-xxxx Bufflo Narrows Sasktel
306-236-xxxx Meadow Lake Sasktel
306-237-xxxx Perdue Sasktel
306-238-xxxx Goodsoil Sasktel
306-239-xxxx Osler Sasktel
306-240-xxxx Meadow Lake Sasktel Mobility
306-241-xxxx Saskatoon Rogers Wireless
306-242-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-243-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-244-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-245-xxxx Francis Sasktel
306-246-xxxx Speers Sasktel
306-247-xxxx Wilkie Sasktel
306-248-xxxx Saint Walburg Sasktel
306-249-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-251-xxxx Saskatoon Rogers Wireless
306-252-xxxx Davidson Sasktel
306-253-xxxx Aberdeen Sasktel
306-254-xxxx Dalmeny Sasktel
306-255-xxxx Colonsay Sasktel
306-256-xxxx Cudworth Sasktel
306-257-xxxx Allan Sasktel
306-258-xxxx Vonda Sasktel
306-259-xxxx Watrous Sasktel
306-260-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-261-xxxx Saskatoon Rogers Wireless
306-262-xxxx Saskatoon Rogers Wireless
306-263-xxxx Assiniboia Sasktel
306-264-xxxx Kincaid Sasktel
306-266-xxxx Assiniboia Sasktel
306-267-xxxx Coronach Sasktel
306-268-xxxx Bengough Sasktel
306-269-xxxx Foam Lake Sasktel Mobility
306-270-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-272-xxxx Foam Lake Sasktel
306-273-xxxx Rhein Sasktel
306-274-xxxx Lestock Sasktel
306-275-xxxx Melfort Sasktel
306-276-xxxx Nipawin Sasktel
306-277-xxxx Melfort Sasktel
306-278-xxxx Porcupin Plain Sasktel
306-279-xxxx Yellow Creek Sasktel
306-280-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-281-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-282-xxxx Dillon Sasktel
306-283-xxxx Langham Sasktel
306-284-xxxx Stony Rapids Sasktel
306-285-xxxx Lashburn Sasktel
306-286-xxxx Watson Sasktel
306-287-xxxx Watson Sasktel
306-288-xxxx Beauval Sasktel
306-289-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-290-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-291-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-292-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel Mobility
306-293-xxxx Climax Sasktel
306-294-xxxx Shaunavon Sasktel Mobility
306-295-xxxx Eastend Sasktel
306-296-xxxx Frontier Sasktel
306-297-xxxx Shaunavon Sasktel
306-298-xxxx Val Marie Sasktel
306-299-xxxx Consul Sasktel
306-313-xxxx Moose Jaw Telus Mobility
306-314-xxxx Prince Albert Telus Mobility
306-315-xxxx Swift Current Telus Mobility
306-316-xxxx Yorkton Telus Mobility
306-317-xxxx North Battleford Telus Mobility
306-322-xxxx Rose Valley Sasktel
306-323-xxxx Rose Valley Sasktel
306-324-xxxx Wadena Sasktel
306-325-xxxx Kelvington Sasktel
306-327-xxxx Kelvington Sasktel
306-328-xxxx Wynyard Sasktel
306-329-xxxx Asquith Sasktel
306-331-xxxx Fort Quappell Sasktel Mobility
306-332-xxxx Fort Quappell Sasktel
306-333-xxxx Balcarres Sasktel
306-334-xxxx Balcarres Sasktel
306-335-xxxx Lemberg Sasktel
306-336-xxxx Fort Quappell Sasktel
306-337-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-338-xxxx Wadena Sasktel
306-341-xxxx Saskatoon Rogers Wireless
306-342-xxxx Glaslyn Sasktel
306-343-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-344-xxxx Paradise Hill Sasktel
306-345-xxxx Pense Sasktel
306-347-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-351-xxxx Regina Fido Solutions Inc.
306-352-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-353-xxxx Centralbte Sasktel
306-354-xxxx Mossbank Sasktel
306-355-xxxx Mortlach Sasktel
306-356-xxxx Plenty Sasktel
306-357-xxxx Dinsmore Sasktel
306-358-xxxx Macklin Sasktel
306-359-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-360-xxxx Lanigan Sasktel Mobility
306-362-xxxx Creighton Sasktel
306-363-xxxx Lanigan Sasktel
306-364-xxxx Lanigan Sasktel
306-365-xxxx Lanigan Sasktel
306-366-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-367-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-368-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-369-xxxx Bruno Sasktel
306-372-xxxx Luseland Sasktel
306-373-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-374-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-375-xxxx Kyle Sasktel
306-376-xxxx Meacham Sasktel
306-377-xxxx Rosetown Sasktel
306-378-xxxx Elrose Sasktel
306-379-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel
306-382-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-383-xxxx Quill Lake Sasktel
306-384-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-386-xxxx North Battleford Sasktel
306-387-xxxx Marshall Sasktel
306-388-xxxx Bienfait Sasktel
306-389-xxxx Maymont Sasktel
306-390-xxxx Cut Knife Sasktel Mobility
306-394-xxxx Coderre Sasktel
306-395-xxxx Centralbte Sasktel
306-396-xxxx Patuanak Sasktel
306-397-xxxx Edam Sasktel
306-398-xxxx Cut Knife Sasktel
306-404-xxxx Wynyard Rogers Wireless
306-405-xxxx Weyburn Rogers Wireless
306-406-xxxx Rosthern Rogers Wireless
306-407-xxxx North Battleford Rogers Wireless
306-408-xxxx Moosomin Rogers Wireless
306-409-xxxx Maple Creek Rogers Wireless
306-410-xxxx Lanigan Rogers Wireless
306-412-xxxx Indian Head Rogers Wireless
306-413-xxxx Gull Lake Rogers Wireless
306-414-xxxx Foam Lake Rogers Wireless
306-415-xxxx Estevan Rogers Wireless
306-416-xxxx Davidson Rogers Wireless
306-420-xxxx La Ronge Sasktel Mobility
306-421-xxxx Estevan Sasktel Mobility
306-422-xxxx Saint Louis Sasktel
306-423-xxxx Saint Louis Sasktel
306-424-xxxx Montmartre Sasktel
306-425-xxxx La Ronge Sasktel
306-426-xxxx Smeaton Sasktel
306-427-xxxx Spiritwood Sasktel
306-428-xxxx Nipawin Sasktel
306-429-xxxx Kipling Sasktel
306-432-xxxx Fort Quappell Sasktel
306-433-xxxx Fillmore Sasktel
306-434-xxxx Moosomin Sasktel Mobility
306-435-xxxx Moosomin Sasktel
306-436-xxxx Milestone Sasktel
306-439-xxxx Stony Rapids Sasktel
306-441-xxxx North Battleford Sasktel Mobility
306-442-xxxx Pangman Sasktel
306-443-xxxx Oxbow Sasktel
306-445-xxxx North Battleford Sasktel
306-446-xxxx North Battleford Sasktel
306-447-xxxx Radville Sasktel
306-448-xxxx Carlyle Sasktel
306-449-xxxx Redvers Sasktel
306-452-xxxx Redvers Sasktel
306-453-xxxx Carlyle Sasktel
306-454-xxxx Radville Sasktel
306-455-xxxx Carlyle Sasktel
306-456-xxxx Tribune Sasktel
306-457-xxxx Stoughton Sasktel
306-458-xxxx Midale Sasktel
306-459-xxxx Pangman Sasktel
306-460-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel Mobility
306-461-xxxx Estevan Sasktel Mobility
306-462-xxxx Carlyle Sasktel
306-463-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel
306-464-xxxx Milestone Sasktel
306-465-xxxx Yellow Grass Sasktel
306-466-xxxx Leask Sasktel
306-467-xxxx Duck Lake Sasktel
306-468-xxxx Canwood Sasktel
306-469-xxxx Big River Sasktel
306-472-xxxx Lafleche Sasktel
306-473-xxxx Assiniboia Sasktel
306-475-xxxx Assiniboia Sasktel
306-476-xxxx Rockglen Sasktel
306-477-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-478-xxxx Mankota Sasktel
306-481-xxxx North Battleford Sasktel Mobility
306-482-xxxx Carnduff Sasktel
306-483-xxxx Oxbow Sasktel
306-484-xxxx Strasbourg Sasktel
306-485-xxxx Oxbow Sasktel Mobility
306-486-xxxx Oxbow Sasktel
306-487-xxxx Lampman Sasktel
306-488-xxxx Holdfast Sasktel
306-489-xxxx Oxbow Sasktel
306-492-xxxx Dundurn Sasktel
306-493-xxxx Delisle Sasktel
306-497-xxxx Blaine Lake Sasktel
306-498-xxxx Uranium City Sasktel
306-501-xxxx Regina Rogers Wireless
306-512-xxxx Kindersley Rogers Wireless
306-521-xxxx Yorkton Rogers Wireless
306-522-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-524-xxxx Semans Sasktel
306-525-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-526-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-527-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-528-xxxx Nokomis Sasktel
306-529-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-530-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-531-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-532-xxxx Moosomin Sasktel
306-533-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-534-xxxx Esterhazy Sasktel
306-535-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-536-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-537-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-538-xxxx Kipling Sasktel
306-539-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-540-xxxx Regina Sasktel Mobility
306-542-xxxx Kamsack Sasktel
306-543-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-544-xxxx Hanley Sasktel
306-545-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-546-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-547-xxxx Preeceville Sasktel
306-548-xxxx Sturgis Sasktel
306-549-xxxx Hafford Sasktel
306-553-xxxx Neidpath Sasktel
306-554-xxxx Wynyard Sasktel
306-558-xxxx Maple Creek Sasktel
306-560-xxxx Wynyard Sasktel Mobility
306-561-xxxx Davidson Sasktel Mobility
306-563-xxxx Canora Sasktel
306-564-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-565-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-566-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-567-xxxx Davidson Sasktel
306-569-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-573-xxxx Lucky Lake Sasktel
306-574-xxxx Eston Sasktel
306-576-xxxx Wynyard Sasktel
306-577-xxxx Carlyle Sasktel
306-581-xxxx Regina Rogers Wireless
306-582-xxxx Vanguard Sasktel
306-584-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-585-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-586-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-587-xxxx Cabri Sasktel
306-588-xxxx Kincaid Sasktel
306-591-xxxx Regina Rogers Wireless
306-592-xxxx Canora Sasktel
306-593-xxxx Invermay Sasktel
306-594-xxxx Norquay Sasktel
306-595-xxxx Pelly Sasktel
306-596-xxxx Regina Rogers Wireless
306-597-xxxx Kamsack Sasktel
306-598-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-603-xxxx Lloydminster Telus Mobility
306-612-xxxx Saskatoon Rogers Wireless
306-618-xxxx Saskatoon Globility
306-621-xxxx Yorkton Sasktel Mobility
306-622-xxxx Gull Lake Sasktel
306-623-xxxx Leader Sasktel
306-625-xxxx Ponteix Sasktel
306-626-xxxx Pennant Sasktel
306-627-xxxx Neville Sasktel
306-628-xxxx Leader Sasktel
306-629-xxxx Morse Sasktel
306-630-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel Mobility
306-631-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel Mobility
306-632-xxxx Pelican Narrows Sasktel
306-633-xxxx Wolfville Sasktel
306-634-xxxx Estevan Sasktel
306-635-xxxx Stanley Mission Sasktel
306-636-xxxx Estevan Sasktel
306-637-xxxx Estevan Sasktel
306-638-xxxx Bethune Sasktel
306-640-xxxx Assiniboia Sasktel Mobility
306-641-xxxx Yorkton Sasktel Mobility
306-642-xxxx Assiniboia Sasktel
306-643-xxxx Esterhazy Sasktel
306-644-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-645-xxxx Moosomin Sasktel
306-646-xxxx Maryfield Sasktel
306-647-xxxx Theodore Sasktel
306-648-xxxx Gravelborg Sasktel
306-651-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-652-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-653-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-654-xxxx Prudhomme Sasktel
306-655-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-656-xxxx Rosetown Sasktel
306-657-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-658-xxxx Biggar Sasktel
306-659-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-660-xxxx Indian Head Sasktel Mobility
306-661-xxxx Maple Creek Sasktel Mobility
306-662-xxxx Maple Creek Sasktel
306-663-xxxx Waskesiu Lake Sasktel
306-664-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-665-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-666-xxxx Maple Creek Sasktel
306-667-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-668-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-669-xxxx Maple Creek Sasktel
306-671-xxxx Gull Lake Sasktel Mobility
306-672-xxxx Gull Lake Sasktel
306-673-xxxx Leader Sasktel
306-674-xxxx Webb Sasktel
306-675-xxxx Ituna Sasktel
306-677-xxxx Hodgeville Sasktel
306-678-xxxx Gull Lake Sasktel
306-679-xxxx Leader Sasktel
306-681-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel Mobility
306-682-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-683-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-684-xxxx Moose Jaw Rogers Wireless
306-685-xxxx Carnduff Sasktel
306-686-xxxx Fond Dulac Sasktel
306-688-xxxx Creighton Sasktel
306-689-xxxx Cabri Sasktel
306-691-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel
306-692-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel
306-693-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel
306-694-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel
306-695-xxxx Indianhead Sasktel
306-696-xxxx Broadview Sasktel
306-697-xxxx Grenfell Sasktel
306-698-xxxx Wolseley Sasktel
306-699-xxxx Quappelle Sasktel
306-716-xxxx Saskatoon Telus Mobility
306-717-xxxx Saskatoon Telus Mobility
306-720-xxxx Melville Rogers Wireless
306-721-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-722-xxxx Fillmore Sasktel
306-723-xxxx Cupar Sasktel
306-724-xxxx Canwood Sasktel
306-725-xxxx Strasbourg Sasktel
306-726-xxxx Southey Sasktel
306-727-xxxx Indianhead Sasktel
306-728-xxxx Melville Sasktel
306-729-xxxx Regina Beach Sasktel
306-730-xxxx Melville Sasktel Mobility
306-731-xxxx Lumsden Sasktel
306-732-xxxx Wilcox Sasktel
306-733-xxxx Moosomin Sasktel
306-734-xxxx Craik Sasktel
306-735-xxxx Whitewood Sasktel
306-736-xxxx Kipling Sasktel
306-737-xxxx Regina Telus Mobility
306-738-xxxx Riceton Sasktel
306-739-xxxx Wawota Sasktel
306-740-xxxx Esterhazy Sasktel Mobility
306-741-xxxx Swift Current Sasktel Mobility
306-742-xxxx Calder Sasktel
306-743-xxxx Langenburg Sasktel
306-744-xxxx Saltcoats Sasktel
306-745-xxxx Esterhazy Sasktel
306-746-xxxx Raymore Sasktel
306-747-xxxx Shellbrook Sasktel
306-748-xxxx Melville Sasktel
306-749-xxxx Birch Hills Sasktel
306-751-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-752-xxxx Melfort Sasktel
306-753-xxxx Macklin Sasktel
306-754-xxxx Sandy Bay Sasktel
306-755-xxxx Unity Sasktel
306-756-xxxx Moose Jaw Sasktel
306-757-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-758-xxxx Southend Sasktel
306-759-xxxx Eyebrow Sasktel
306-761-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-762-xxxx Balgonie Sasktel
306-763-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel
306-764-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel
306-765-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel
306-766-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-767-xxxx Nipawin Sasktel
306-768-xxxx Carrot River Sasktel
306-769-xxxx Nipawin Sasktel
306-771-xxxx Balgonie Sasktel
306-772-xxxx Swift Current Rogers Wireless
306-773-xxxx Swift Current Sasktel
306-774-xxxx Swift Current Sasktel Mobility
306-775-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-776-xxxx Rouleau Sasktel
306-777-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-778-xxxx Swift Current Sasktel
306-779-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-780-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-781-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-782-xxxx Yorkton Sasktel
306-783-xxxx Yorkton Sasktel
306-784-xxxx Herbert Sasktel
306-785-xxxx Ponteix Sasktel
306-786-xxxx Yorkton Sasktel
306-787-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-788-xxxx Marquis Sasktel
306-789-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-790-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-791-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-792-xxxx Springside Sasktel
306-793-xxxx Esterhazy Sasktel
306-794-xxxx Melville Sasktel
306-795-xxxx Ituna Sasktel
306-796-xxxx Centralbte Sasktel
306-797-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-798-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-799-xxxx Briercrest Sasktel
306-820-xxxx Lloydminster Sasktel
306-821-xxxx Lloydminster Sasktel Mobility
306-822-xxxx La Loche Sasktel
306-823-xxxx Neilburg Sasktel
306-824-xxxx Spiritwood Sasktel
306-825-xxxx Lloydminster Sasktel
306-826-xxxx Neilburg Sasktel
306-827-xxxx Radisson Sasktel
306-829-xxxx Canoe Narrows Sasktel
306-831-xxxx Rosetown Sasktel Mobility
306-832-xxxx Green Lake Sasktel
306-833-xxxx Ilealacros Sasktel
306-834-xxxx Kerrobert Sasktel
306-835-xxxx Punnichy Sasktel
306-836-xxxx Watrous Sasktel
306-837-xxxx Loon Lake Sasktel
306-838-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel
306-839-xxxx Pierceland Sasktel
306-842-xxxx Weyburn Sasktel
306-843-xxxx Wilkie Sasktel
306-845-xxxx Turtleford Sasktel
306-846-xxxx Dinsmore Sasktel
306-847-xxxx Imperial Sasktel
306-848-xxxx Weyburn Sasktel
306-849-xxxx Foam Lake Sasktel
306-854-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-855-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-856-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-857-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-858-xxxx Lucky Lake Sasktel
306-859-xxxx Beechy Sasktel
306-861-xxxx Weyburn Sasktel Mobility
306-862-xxxx Nipawin Sasktel
306-863-xxxx Melfort Sasktel
306-864-xxxx Kinistino Sasktel
306-865-xxxx Hudson Bay Sasktel
306-867-xxxx Outlook Sasktel
306-868-xxxx Avonlea Sasktel
306-869-xxxx Radville Sasktel
306-872-xxxx Naicam Sasktel
306-873-xxxx Tisdale Sasktel
306-874-xxxx Naicam Sasktel
306-876-xxxx Melville Sasktel
306-877-xxxx Esterhazy Sasktel
306-878-xxxx Tisdale Sasktel
306-880-xxxx Saskatoon Fido Solutions Inc.
306-881-xxxx Saskatoon Fido Solutions Inc.
306-882-xxxx Rosetown Sasktel
306-883-xxxx Spiritwood Sasktel
306-884-xxxx Pinehouse Sasktel
306-885-xxxx Riceton Sasktel
306-886-xxxx Tisdale Sasktel
306-887-xxxx Kinistino Sasktel
306-888-xxxx Cumberld House Sasktel
306-889-xxxx Tisdale Sasktel
306-891-xxxx Weyburn Sasktel Mobility
306-892-xxxx Meota Sasktel
306-893-xxxx Maidstone Sasktel
306-894-xxxx Turnor Lake Sasktel
306-895-xxxx Maidstone Sasktel
306-896-xxxx Churchbdg Sasktel
306-898-xxxx Saltcoats Sasktel
306-908-xxxx Regina Globility
306-920-xxxx Melfort Sasktel Mobility
306-921-xxxx Melfort Sasktel Mobility
306-922-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel
306-923-xxxx Torquay Sasktel
306-924-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-925-xxxx Oxbow Sasktel
306-927-xxxx No Portal Sasktel
306-928-xxxx Carnduff Sasktel
306-929-xxxx Meath Park Sasktel
306-931-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-932-xxxx Plenty Sasktel
306-933-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-934-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-935-xxxx Rosetown Sasktel
306-936-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-937-xxxx North Battleford Sasktel
306-938-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-939-xxxx Earl Grey Sasktel
306-943-xxxx Alvena Sasktel
306-944-xxxx Humboldt Sasktel
306-945-xxxx Waldheim Sasktel
306-946-xxxx Watrous Sasktel
306-947-xxxx Hepburn Sasktel
306-948-xxxx Biggar Sasktel
306-949-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-953-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel
306-955-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-956-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-957-xxxx Odessa Sasktel
306-960-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel Mobility
306-961-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel Mobility
306-962-xxxx Eston Sasktel
306-963-xxxx Imperial Sasktel
306-964-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-965-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel
306-966-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-967-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel
306-968-xxxx Kindersley Sasktel
306-969-xxxx Radville Sasktel
306-975-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-977-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-978-xxxx Saskatoon Sasktel
306-979-xxxx Saskatoon Shaw Telecom Inc
306-980-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel Mobility
306-981-xxxx Prince Albert Sasktel Mobility
306-982-xxxx Chirstopher Lake Sasktel
306-984-xxxx Leoville Sasktel
306-987-xxxx Prince Albert Rogers Wireless
306-989-xxxx Paddockwd Sasktel
306-991-xxxx Esterhazy Rogers Wireless
306-995-xxxx Regina Sasktel
306-997-xxxx Borden Sasktel

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